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  1. Hello,
    This is my first post/thread so sorry if i have done this completely wrong.
    I have currrently moved from California to NY and as we all know weed is not legal here in NY. I live in the adirondacks and already have a few connections... but my question is will weed be legal anytime soon or are the police not going to care if i just keep it at home and smoke or do i have to be very low key about it ? Any helpfull answers or suggestions are appreciated, sorry if this is a stupid question.. Happy toking ~ cheers ~
  2. It likely won't for a very long time. It's a non-referendum state, so it won't ever go to a vote. It would take a governor who cares tremendously about weed, and that's not a cause Albany cares about. There's a bill introduced every year. It always dies before it gets anywhere. Medical is the most restricted in the country.

    State police & sheriffs still think their job is to find weed, but most city/town/village police don't care anymore. Be discrete if you can't keep it in the house and don't piss off the neighbors with it and you'll be fine. The {unmentionable} epidemic has hit this state hard, and most cops have seen enough of that to know weed isn't top priority anymore. It'll get your car searched if your the type to drive around with it, but you'll be on your way with a ticket unless you have a gun or hard drugs.

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  3. While I don't know too much about the member above me, I'm sure he means well.

    Anyway, All of the Politicians in Buffalo support Legalization. Not to say this is the reason it's going to be legal, but they're basically pulling the race card, which is amazing. "We need to end the racial profiling against the Black, and Latino community" , very VERY strong argument there. And none of the politicians need to be in a position where they deny this, because there's solid evidence of Racial profiling when it comes to Cannabis, as sad as that is.

    Governor Cuomo has legalized the growth of the Male cannabis plant, Hemp, about 2 weeks ago.

    Also, just in, Medical Marijuana is now being billed in, to help PTSD patients.

    After following Charts of legalization, I would say at the earliest at the end of 2017, and latest is halfway through 2018.

    There's only 1 politician left in NY that is opposing the Bill, and he is out at the end of 2017. Regardless, if it comes down to a vote, Cannabis will win hands down at the ballet.

    Don't worry man, it's coming. <3
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    Man I hope you're right- but if it happens in the next 10 years I'd be shocked.

    The ryder on the medical bill you said passed literally failed a week ago. Channel 2 Buffalo had a story about it tonight. Maybe you're thinking of chronic pain, which just (finally) amended a few months ago. That might make a dozen qualifying conditions in NY for a medical card. Fact is, the states medical bill was so corrupt the investors had to sue the state because they were stopping the dispensaries from finding patients. That doesn't sound like a state that's in a rush to make sure everyone has access to legal weed anytime soon.

    And again- this won't be put to a popular vote in New York. There's bills introduced in NY all the time that never come close to getting to the state floor for a vote.

    I'll stand by my cynicism and say within 20 years, although if Ohio and/or Pennsylvania pass anything sooner NY may follow suit.

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  5. No, PTSD is legal, my friend just received his for it.

    Cynicism is a plague and that's the main reason Weed isn't legal. Because there arn't people being activists about it.

    It will come to a popular vote if it doesn't pass. You really need to learn more about politics, stop spreading false information.

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