Will Madden '10 update to Current '11 Rosters?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by MaltedGrapez, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    I have Madden 2010 and do not really want to spend the money to buy the newest madden. I think the rosters can update via Xbox Live even without the paid subscription. I think.

    I don't have internet at my apartment right now and i'm wondering if anyone knows if Madden '10 will update the teams rosters to look as they do going into the 2011-12 Season? Like, Haynesworth on Patriots and Bush on Miami, etc... Or if they will just update to, like, the end of the 2010-11 season.

  2. Absolutely not, I don't think they will update madden 11 roster anymore either. Madden 12 comes out on August 30th.

    Also you need the internet to download rosters.
  3. This. It's EA, they won't give anything to anybody who isn't paying.
  4. madden and call of duty are the worst in terms of a new game every year when its not necessary
  5. People keep buying it every year it comes out. Why else would they a new one?
  6. no. if that was the case nobody would ever buy the new game each year.

    the only possibility u MIGHT have, is if u had internet access and u download an updated roster from someone who made one. not likely though.
  7. yeah, i mean, im getting internet soon but since i couldn't check myself thought i'd ask.

    That sucks. I figured you would just buy the new Madden for additional features but the least they could do is let others play with the new rosters. gaaaay.

    Any way to create and boost the stats of the players from Madden 10 to replicate the rosters of now? Danny Woodhead is still on the Jets in '10 and overall 65 lol
  8. you can go through and edit the rosters urself. that would take days if u added new players and edited all the players who are better now than in '10 or got worse since then, switched teams, etc etc.....

    when u get internet, u can look and see if anyone has put up new rosters for the game. if so, u can download it and there u go. but since ur playing a game that is 2 years old, i doubt anyone would upload rosters.

  9. how do you do that? Ive never tried.
  10. No way bro, they want you to buy the new game, they aren't going to give you shit for free.
  11. Lame. So Lame. I bet Madden '12 won't even have the updated rosters for the season. But, does anyone feel '12 is gonna be worth the $60++ ?? I'm highly doubtful, just want those new rosters.

    How do you edit the current rosters in Madden 10? I try to perform trades that are ridiculous but the A.I. is a bit too smart. Not sure how to just "edit" them, i.e. move haynesworth to the patriots and woodhead to the patriots.
  12. Who the hell actually pays $60 bucks for the exact same game you already have just with 'updated rosters?'

    Like what difference does it truly make anyways?
  13. stop trying to edit the teams in franchise mode. just go to rosters on the main menu and edit everything u want to ur liking.

  14. hm... aight thanks

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