Will lizards eat my plants?

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  1. I noticed a while ago that every time I water my plants theres these little lizards that are always nearby and they drink some of the water that I pour into the pots. I have no problem with the lizards or giving them water, I think thats kind of cool and I also thought that they may keep some bugs away since thats mostly what they eat. But today, one of the lizards looked really interested in one of my seedlings and like it might eat it or something. I was just wondering if these lizards would eat my plants and if I should do something to get them away from them or leave the lizards to continue eating bugs etc..

    This is what the lizards look like:

  2. Looks like a carnivore to me. U should be fine.

    Have u noticed any areas that look like they have been nibbled on?
  3. Yeah, thats what I was thinking. Im pretty sure they eat bugs and I cant see that being a problem since if theyre hanging around my plants then they are probably eating bugs off of them too.

    But no, I havent really seen any spots that look eaten, just some holes on the leaves on my big plant that seem to be either from bugs or heat stress. I just wanted to be sure you know, if needed get rid of the lizards before they harm my plants rather than wait for it to happen. Seems to me like they will help my plants more than anything if they dont eat them..
  4. Oh I just noticed u are in FL. Those are prolly just anoles. They should be harmless...
  5. Yeah they are anoles, hopefully they dont anoley fuck my plants though hahaha..
  6. HA! :smoke:
  7. made me laugh :D
  8. Yeah, I completely forgot that those things were called anoles, and had to post it once I thought of that.

    Should have been the title

    "Will these anoles anoley fuck my plants?"


    "Are my plants going to get anoley fucked?"

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