Will legalized Marijuana change the world?

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  1. Imagine a world where you can walk into a Cafe and order a bong hit with your morning coffee.... or even better- 7-11's worldwide selling high quality marijuana marked at 15$ a gram, weighed out right in front of you, even better- when you buy in weight , you are allowed to mix two or three strains.

    Even cooler would be having marijuana lounges around your town and you'd have a place where you can meet interesting people . there's also a good chance marijuana could be a gateway to psychedelic or mushroom legalization a couple years after.

    It would also kick ass to be able to grow or sell marijuana for a living and I can't imagine how many new jobs this would create, while getting rid of all the shady ass dealers who couldn't give a fuck about marijuana- all the best bud i get are from the marijuana enthusiasts . :smoke:

    Legal marijuana could also enlighten people to the absurd policies of the U.S. government, but I don't think it will happen for at least 10 years, we still need a radical change in congress. Shit, it could even take another 40 years. that would be really depressing if our favorite plant is illegal in 10 years , it's amazing that the government has gotten away with their current marijuana policies this long when half of America has smoked including the last 3 presidents them selves and the most accomplished athlete in America. Lock people up because you disagree with their choice of recreation when it 1000 times safer then any legal drug. Alcohol is the most mind numbing drug out there-------------- what does this say about America?

    Feel free to add to these thoughts- I got this idea after smoking some good kush today----- i think there are many people in the world who could use a good legal chill out and maybe open their minds a little bit. Turn on, Tune in, Drop out


  2. wouldnt change shit, besides that i can buy the governments controlled bull shit.

    and plus, why would you say WORLD when it is LEGAL in parts of the world already. its a plant, its not like we are talking about nukes here.
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    It's a very valuable plant- literally the most profitable cash crop in America and most widely used illegal drug (plant)

    marijuana poses is a big threat to big pharm and some areas of mainstream society imo

    it could put some police out of business and even better- free up the current jail system, but I'm not too sure the government wants that--------jails are a huge business
  4. Legalization is a huge threat to the D.E.A. - I'd imagine they are responsible for a lot of the propaganda that we see.

  5. Cant forget about hemp, it can be used for so many things and it would dominate many industries, mainly the reason why its currently illegal.
  6. public stock for nabisco, lays, nestle and post cerials would sky rocket
  7. Yes, it would change the world more then anyone could ever imagine.

    If you haven't, watch The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
  8. not to mention hempcrete
    which will soon replace wood and concrete

    lighter, stronger, crack resistent, fire-proof, water-proof, AND a good insulator
    Inhabitat » Hemcrete®: Carbon Negative Hemp Walls
  9. Soon? No.

    Eventually? probibly.

    It's still very expensive, and illegal to grow in the us.

    Eventually, but not for a while (decades, if pot isnt legal, less if it becomes legal)

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