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Will Legalization Destroy our Culture?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by TheGreenLegend, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. From a growers perspective I am a bit concerned that legalization will take the nostalgia out of our culture.

    I clearly see the long time neigh-sayers all of a sudden hopping on the trend wagon pretending like they were pot heads all along. I dont know about you but I dont grow because i think it makes me cool, I do it because I enjoy it.

    I suppose that a few years after legalization the trend will wear off and those that have always enjoyed cultivating this beautiful plant will continue to do so and those who were riding our coat tails will fizzle out.

    Still bugs me a bit though... Your thoughts?

  2. I am not ure what you are getting at. If it becomes legal, nothing changes on my end. I continue to grow, and I continue to share my grows with the people i care about. So, absolutely no change in culture here if it becomes legal.

    And the only pretenders (the only people that act like that) are the young people, who it still will not be legal for, so nothing changes there.

    Also, the more people that discover weed and its awesome qualities the better. I don't look at weed as the super secret club that more members will ruin. Weed is meant for everyone. So who cares how people act. How will a pretender pothead effect you?
  3. As easy as growing can be, their are so many lazy folks out their that are far more Likley to run to the store and grab their herb. As a grower, we are a special breed. We choose to spent countless hours with plants over people! We will and do sit and read for hours or talk for hours to really not gain knowledge but to merely discuss differences in growth patterns and rates of phenos amongst a strain. Not to hard to pick out a "wanna be" grower. Good 5 min convo an the cats out the bag! Don't fret man. Try to look at it positively. Maybe theirs someone out their just waiting to find that ground breakin discovery that may not have ever tried to grow had things not changed! ;)
  4. I personally think it will enhance the culture
  5. what culture are you referring to?
  6. Your culture wil be desteoyed once big biz takes control of the mj market.. so I am against legalization
  7. I have to admit that it is a bit of an insecurity issue. I also admit to a bit of jealousy and I know that is ridiculously selfish especially when you look at how many people WILL be helped if not saved by cannabis.

    I do look forward to the day when I can grow a few beauties right in my front yard in the full sun just as it should be. I cant imagine what a wonderful, joy filled summer it will be for the lucky citizens of Colorado when for the first time in 70 years they will be doing exactly that in about 4 months.

    Having been forced into hiding, growing indoors in secret for 25 years now it all just seems surreal.

  8. The culture that loves and appreciates cannabis for its beauty as apposed to greedy capitalists that will exploit it for profit.
  9. i mean, realistically its going to.

    i would not neccassarily say destroy it, but it will make it evolve into something way different.

    its already evolving though. year by year. day by day.
    i think people will always 'love' weed truley. its the way it is.

    unless some private company is heavily profiting off some GM weed thats marketed, i dont think we have anything to worry bout once its legal.
  10. yea im gunna miss the nostalgia of being violated and locked in a cage siiigh
  11. And so the world turns my friend! The world is forever changing. We must adapt and over come and only then do we thrive!
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    Im sorry to hear that. Maybe you could get busted with some unmentionables?
  13. I suppose if you cling to weed as a part of your identity then yes, you'll be bothered when it becomes more common. This also makes me think part of the reason you smoke is to be cool.

    Create an identity, don't rely on a recreational drug to give you one.
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    humanities' relationship with cannabis is an ancient one.

    i like to think of it like this. out of the reasons anyone decides to grow, there's always a little bit of the "kiss my ass, you're not going to tell me what to do" attitude present.

    that part will never be lost no matter if it's legal or not because the fact remains that they will always need to kiss my ass because they're still never going to tell me what to do.

    you might as well be trying to strip away someones religion.
  15. A change in your culture will certainly destroy it! yes! of course! it's so simple when you think about it! change will destroy everything!

    no, not really, gtfo.

    Looks like we have a paranoid stoner in our midst!
  16. I'm for making it legal for adults to grow and use but not for allowing it to be exploited by business. Hemp could be grown by farmers and taxed to boost our economy and help in many ways but I think cannabis should be left to individuals. Colorado is a near perfect model right now except I would like to see the # of plants one can have increased.
  17. Actually I think it will help the culture. Consider this. Because it is much more risky to buy small quantities of cannabis than to grow it(two can keep a secret and all that) you have people that grow not for love of the plant as much as dislike of arrest. When legalization happens all those types( myself being among them) will buy their stuff from a store. This means that the vast majority of growers will grow because they want to.
  18. As a grower doesnt it hang over your head that if someone finds your plants you will be in jail. In my state at least it is one plant and minimum 5 years jail. Wouldn't you be happy if tomorrow it was legal and you could show off your plants to whoever and enjoy them in peace.
    I mean it is cool to be an almost secret society but when it becomes public you will be in the elite level and an expert on the subject
  19. I've lived in Amsterdam and I can only say that it's awesome to go into stores full of plants and pipes and buds. To be able to grow at home like it's no big deal is fantastic. No, legalization will *not* destroy our culture.
  20. There's a long way to go to be making such proclamations. I mean, can you imagine the day when Bob asks John at the water cooler on Monday morning how his grow is going?
    That day still seems a ways off, so no, I don't think the "culture" has to go into hiding just yet. Even under a "legal" landscape, questions of at-will employment remain, etc. Still many "battles" to be waged, even under "legalization."

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