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will jack daniels work

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MattmPsi, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. I don't have everclear but I wanna infuse a quarter of avb into alcohol.. Will it work to leave avb in jack daniels for a really long time then strain it and drink the JD?
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  2. yup
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  3. Just eat the abv. Its decarbed
  4. dont eat AVB raw wtf, go with your original plan.

    Oh yea and enjoy sure i dont gotta tell u tht tho lmao

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  5. How long will it have to sit to be fully absorbed into the alcohol so I can strain it out and drink?
  6. I'm not too sure if I would use vaped bud in a tincture let alone with jack Daniels, I'd just take an 1/8th of decarbed bud and do a trial run. That's what I'd do
  7. I have considered doing this. But edibles never ever work on me. Wasted a half oz in a single dose once trying to get myself high via edibles. I followed badkats oil and butter recipes to the tee and felt nothing. Nothing ever works. That's why now I only experiment with vaped weed to not waste material and I always try a new method when it doesn't work. So this time I've got almost 8 full grams of lighly vaped weed that I'm going to try to absorb into about 1/4th of a cup of JD. then I plan on taking it all in one sitting. So it'll be 8g almost of avb in one sitting So hopefully it works. How would you guys feel if you did exactly what I just said?

    Does anyone think I should add soy letchicin somehow??
  8. I don't see any benefit to adding lecithin to an ethanol tincture.

    I also think that you would be waaaaaay better off following the recipe above (stickie thread) in the thread called: Another Tincture Thread, try it you'll like it.

    Get some high proof ethanol and make a small batch of tincture. Once you have experienced success with that you can go from there.
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  9. I already put it in the jack unfortunately :/ how long should it sit in there to get fully absorbed?
  10. Lol bro. Thats gonna taste so bad.
  11. Well considering qwiso recipe call for 15 to 30 second washes to get the good stuff out, not long at all. After a few minutes you're getting all kinds of crap like chlorophyll into it. So for ingestion I would think in a number of hours you will have gotten everything out of it that you can. To be honest though, it's going to taste so fucking horrible anyway that I would just leave it in there as a novelty. Take a couple of shots in 24 hours and tell us how you feel in an hour lol!
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  12. Well guys. I drank it all at once and nothing happened exept I got a little drunk. What gives??
  13. Wtf is 'lightly' vaped. You take the 'buzz' out, it's not gonna reappear in alcohol
  14. There are still somr goodies in vaped weed. A lil bit.
  15. Yeah and like I said I used 7g...many people Eat 1g and feel it.
  16. PsychedelicSam did some tests on tincture made with AVB, surprisingly the AVB was not totally decarbed. This depends on how much you vape it, I imagine.
    Sorry you can't get high with edibles, mate. I love a good tincture, or canna caps made with tincture transferred to coconut oil with a bit of lecithin.
  17. If it's vaped material most of the canniboids would already have been stripped and not enough left to get anyone 'high'

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  18. The alcohol content probably wasn't high enough to extract the remaining goodies out of your AVB, not to mention it sounds like you let it sit for a day or two, to do "Golden Dragon" which is just green dragon with AVB, without heat, you need to let that shit sit in everclear in a dark place shaking it every day for like a month. I did it before with everclear and it definitely got me fucked up off basically a shot of everclear that I poured in a drink, but tasted pretty bad. I am going to try to do it with Glycerin soon and see how that does.
  19. [​IMG]

    151 is as strong as I can get in Calif.. Done with 160 micron dry ice kief.. Just a couple of eyedroppers full in your beverage or under your tongue is equal to a half a joint and hits just as fast.. It's ready to go just as soon as you've poured in the alcohol.. No need to wait at all.. Longer just gets more of the plant material washed into the liquid so with bud I'd strain ASAP.. With the hash we just leave it and the few grains are no big deal..


    I make my canna oil from the same 160 micron kief and it will get ANYBODY stoned off their ass to the point of the spins and puking for hours on end.. Your just not making a potent enough oil is all..
    5 grams decarb hash
    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon soy lecithin
    heat 220 deg 20 min then freeze.. 3 more cycles for me.. Makes 30 size (0) caps..
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