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  1. Ok so I want to do Hydro with limited grow space I have all my resources for the project but the available space I have is a bit small. I have trained plants before but does anyone have experience with growing almost horizontal? I mean I know they are hardy plants and can grow under many conditions. Anyways heres an ms paints sketch of my plan tell me if you have experience with this and if its a waste of time.

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  2. It will be tied down obviously
  3. well if you use a LST it could work
  4. any other input
  5. I think LST is your best bet for growing in that space.

    Make sure you can tie shade leaves out of the way to get more direct light to the budsites.

    First step is to get a large pot the final size you want your pot and put a bunch of screws around the lip of the pot I used 8 screws. These are the tie points for your training

    Second Step. This next step is the countertie. It is used so that the bottom part of your plants stem stays straight and in place. Without a countertie you are likely to uproot your plant because training usually occurs when there about a month or so old and not extremely established. It's simple just tie a piece of twine from one of the screws around the bottom of your plant. Make sure that your twine is tied above the first leaf pair so that it doesn't slip all the way down to the bottom of the plant.

    Third Step. The next step is to tie the main growth tip down so that the plant will release hormones that cause all the other growth tips to start functioning like the main cola. I use a simple overhand knot and tie my twine UNDER the highest set of developed leafs. Once again you need to make sure that the knot doesn't slip off of your plant. Then i tie a slip knot around a screw. I use slip knots so i can just tighten the string as the plant grows. You can retie it every time, if you like.

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