will it work?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by killer, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. the only thing i have is 20 bucks and a cooler, i need it to be grow 1 or 2 plants and be as smell proof as possible. will it work?
  2. lol.. Yeah, buy a pot, and some soil.. Put seeds in pot, and set in cooler.. Put outdoors to grow for a while... Keep lid open ;)

    Haha... really, I'm not trying too sound harsh, but do a little reading before asking if you can grow with $20 and a cooler :D lol...peace.
  3. isnt it gonna get really hot in the cooler?
  4. Sorry man, I was just joking about the whole cooler thing.. The fact is, if your talking about an everyday recreational cooler, I don't think it would be large enough. And you will be spending alot more for a light than $20. peace.
  5. your best bet is to germinate your seeds, use a tupperware container and lay a damp paper towel in it then the seeds then another layer of paper towel, check it every day till they germ.

    then plant them in cups, like styrofoam. if you dont have a light its ok, i sprouted my 9 plants on my window sill as long as you get enough sun. then once they are dont sprouting for a week or 2 plant them outside (prepare your site first with good soil and maybe a fence to keep animals out)

    as for doing it for 20 bucks your shit out of luck, i've spent on my set up so far like 50 but i was given the ferts and the seeds.

    so good luck, peace

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