Will it work for a few days?

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  1. Hey there, I'm growing outdoor autoflowers and my plants are 11 days old now.
    The weather is going rainy for a 4-5 days but temps are warm enough so to get the plants light and keep them grow, I place them under the cfl lights.
    I'm wonderin that will it reduce the progress of growing or plants can just keep growing under this situtation for a few days?

    Damages from the leaves an animal attack when seedlings 4 days old by the way.

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  2. That will be fine for a few days, though not ideal.
    See if you can fabricate a white reflector for the bulbs to concentrate the light down to the plants. That will buy you another few days. CFs do get pretty warm and can harm the plants, so be careful and not let the plant grow up into the lamp.
    If you have a big window on the south or west (or both preferrably) of the house, put them there. Even cloudy days are brighter than your CF bulbs.
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  3. Unfortunately the window option is not available for me at the moment.

    I'm checking at every 6-7 hours to make sure they are not grow into lamps, sometimes I put my hand between the plant and light to see if its hotter, they are not. Only warmness right now is the lamp for it self.
    I think I can use somekind of paper aliminium to make light brighter for the plants so they get their potential for a few days.
    And at the moment they are not much darker place beside the without lamps so that might work for me as well.
    Thanks for the advice and information by the way.:thumbsup:
  4. So ıt's been 14 days since they are pop out.
    Today last time I watered them with 6.9 clean water.
    Next time I'm thinking the starting nutritiens, I had advanced nutritiens with bloom, bio thrive, root, big bud.
    Which ones should I starting with? I'm gonna add the 500 ml water into 2 ml fertilizer for beginning.
    The Sun and weather is gonna rise tomorrow so I'm gonna move them outside again.

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  5. Those little ones are not needing anything to eat just yet.
    They are looking fantastic.
    Keep an eye on the little round starter leaves, or Cotyledons. When they start to discolor, turn yellowish, then it is time to start to feed.
    Please know that there is a very important difference between nutrients and fertilizers. Please don't confuse them or really big problems can be had.

    When you do start to feed, start very weak... 1/4 strength... then up it each watering until you are at full strength. Usually two or three steps are sufficient.
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  6. Thank you very much! :)

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