Will it survive recent attack?

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  1. Wassup guys? I started my first Outdoor grow and thus far I have one plant that has done very well. Its barely 8 days old, and was a bagseed of some mids I think. Anyway its already frosty and was doing so good. But I got outside this morning to move the bucket its in to get more sun, and I see that something munched away on literally half of one of the water leaves (embryotic leave whatever they are called.) I'm guessing it was a slug cause there is slime on the other leaves like it went across it. I surrouned the inside perimiter of the 5 gallon pot with a ring of sea salt a min ago...was that a mistake? And my other question is im curious if it will survive the slug attack. Any input is greatly appreciated.:cool:
  2. Hard to tell if it'll survive without a pic to see the damage.
    Could be a slug or a snail. Snail pellets will stop that if there are no other animals, pets etc, that might eat them. I think you can get dog-safe snail pellets too, for that matter.
    You could try putting a ring of pellets around your pot, on the ground, in future.
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    Tried to post pics. Said it had to be approved by a moderator so I guess the pics will be on here soon....

    EDIT: But say the water leaves were about an inch long from stem to tip. And half of one got completely chomped off at exactly halfway point.
  4. Strange. Still, I didn't post any pics until after I'd made a few posts. I forget the rules regarding that.
    Have another go and see what happens.
    Someone might enlighten us.
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    [​IMG] before

    after with water on it thats why it looks all weird top part is where damage is...plus it's kinda cloudy not good lighting for picture.
  6. There we go that worked. Guess it didnt work cause i put html in instead of direct link lol
  7. Very blurry and looks very yellow and my eyes are bad and.....
    Seriously, though, it looks like only a little of one cotyledon, or maybe one leaf, has been eaten, from what I can see. No biggie, but don't let it happen again. You're lucky they only had a nibble.
    Snail pellets, as I said, but don't put them in the pot. They're very toxic.
  8. Rite on. I'm just hopin that salt i put around the edge doesnt get wet and absorb in and cause leaf burn or some crazy stuff. Yeah it has kinda perked up a lil since this morn thinkin it'll be all good. Oh and I like ur quote of the week my bro did that to one of my plants a while ago indoors and said the same thing all i could do was laugh and tell him not to blow smoke on it again lol:D

  9. No, don't let them do that to the kids, it blocks their stomata and they suffocate, a bit like emphysema in a human.

    Get rid of that salt. At least, don't put it in the pot, just surround the base of the pot on the ground and, as soon as possible, get snail pellets or similar.

    Years ago here in Oz, the cops used to salt patches after they busted and took a crop, so the grower couldn't use the patch again. Salt kills most plants.
  10. Damn good to know. Thank you for your help, bro.
  11. Well now both of those first leaves have dried up and are basically gone. The other leaves look fine, but they have barely grown the plant almost looks exactly the same still no noticable growth...
  12. bump. If i put it inside on like 24 lights think it'd snap it out of its slow non existant growth?
  13. should have vegged it for a week or two before planting outside.

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