Will it still grow

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  1. While I was transplanting my germinated seed to the pot, the seed fell off and i was left with a little white plant with 2 pettals on top and a root on the bottom. I put the root in the botton and covored it. Its about 1/4 inch down. Will it still grow????????? :/
  2. it will probly dry out it needs the seed for protection when it's pushing up thru the soil.
  3. ;(((((( shoot me
  4. ...your just going to have to wait and see, IMO....
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    Im paranoid as fuck i keep checking my grow box. Its under neath a light but in the soil. Its grown over the night, soo im hoping i got lucky
    Shood i remove the light???
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    If it's showing growth that's a very good sign... It's above the soil so id use the light but don't keep itt to close cause by the way you planted it it is very weak at the moment and the light could dry it out quick. How green is the growth you do have? Or is it kinda yellow?
  7. its kinda yellow ill turn the light out?
  8. neer the soil its white and then a yellowish green like lime green neer the top
  9. should i dig it upp and put it back in a bowl with a paper towl and water?
  10. Nah man ur best chance is to just let it gro and hope for the best.
  11. thanks man.. ill post pack in a few days let you kno what happened

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