Will it hermie?

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  1. Hypothetically...

    If someone tries to rip your plant out from the stem but fails to really do anything, will it hermie?

    If so how long will it take to show if it's in 2nd week flowering?
  2. Shouldn't, although I wouldn't mind betting it didn't appreciate it. What happened?

    To show what? Do you mean male flowers?
  3. wouldnt think so, but stress can lead to hermies, & id guess someone trying to rip her out of the ground would cause some, just make sure shes sorted, well watered & with nutes if using them, use a stick or anything if needed to prop her up etc, keep her happy & it should be fine
  4. My guess would be maybe, but probably not.

    However, if the roots got broken up and such it might slow it down.
  5. Someone found it and tried to rip it out before i stopped them and calmed them down haha.

    Yea, anyone know how if it wanted to turn hermie, how long would it take to see the male flowers after the damage.
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    I would pick up a bottle of Superthrive. Its good for the roots and helps reduce stress when like transplanting and stuff. Its good to use during veg but I wouldnt use it during flowering. You can use as little as 1 drop per gallon to 1 millileter per gallon. By the way if I caught someone trying to rip off one of my plants they would be missing some teeth.

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