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  1. Hi I have little grow in closet 2x8x7 I'm only using about 2x3 of that space here are pics before I got things going. 20170602_133451.jpeg 20170602_140251.jpeg . it has a sliding door if you cant see in the pic and that board is now partial wall with white poly on it. It runs 86* maybe slight higher on 90+ days. On a average day resently bout 83.5*. I'm wanting to flower soon if I hang a co2 bag do you think this will help in flower phase with the heat. I have 136w true draw LED in soil. any recommendations?
  2. I started in my closet it looks just like yours two sliding doors but Co2 is not needed for bloom it would need to be more sealed like in a Grow tent. I think you should by a tent for $60-$70 and hook up an in-line carbon filter. Unless you're not worried about the smell? But a inline will lower your temps a little more along with 2 clip fans. How many plants are you trying to grow?

    Btw: do you have a window nearby? Or A/C

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  3. I got 2, nice size 5wk n 2that are only 2wk veg. (want to see how 12/12 goes for them). I only have one door. I have 2 fans 1- 6" obsoleting and 1- 4" I no I should do a tent but not really a option right now.
  4. Window on other side of the room bout 15' away. I got central air but it don't get up there great. I have duct I put in there when lights are on to help but it don't do to much. it don't blow hard and is ran the 15'. I tried connecting the 4" fan to it but that didn't really help.

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