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  1. Guys,
    Im thinking to grow about 4 plants in garrage cabinet and this is a drawing. Im not sure if this gonna work. Please recomend me if there is something need to be fixed.
    thanks so much
  2. looks sweet to me, just put a fan in there with your plants,,,, you may wont to put a odor eliminator on that exaust duct,,,,
  3. Just only 250 watt HPS will be enough?
  4. yeah. you only have about 3 square feet. Personally, I think it's a waste to get anything less than a 400W HPS. Your plants will definitely love the extra light and when you move up to a bigger grow, you don't need a new light.
  5. Yea, ive seen people upgrade lights and have yields go up significantly, go for 4oow at least.
  6. yeap,,, couldnt agree more here,,,, that 250,,, may become a good germ./cloning light but a 400 is neutral,,,, just what you need not too hot a all around good starter light,,,,, its what i got and i wont go no higher ,,, no need to,,, like i said its PERFECT,,,,:hello:
  7. Looks fine. Mine is in a garage and similar, deeper, though.

    I can't say not to get the 400w, but to my experience the 250w should do fine in that amount of space, generates less heat to have to deal with, and saves on the electric bill.
  8. im suprised no one else caught this. the depth of the box is only 11"? i just built a small clone/germ box with cfls thats 11" deep, and it wont hold a 3 gallon pot (with a 12" diameter). the biggest pot it will hold is a 10" 2.25 gallon pot. also if youre planning on growing fully, youll probly only be able to hold 3 10" pots in there at the most for 11" x 39", and that wont be suitable for the plants to flower for most strains. can you resize it?

  9. Resize the carbinet might not possible. Can i use a smaller pot that can fit 4 in the space? Really want to have 4 plants. Anyway by the dimension above what will you recomend me to fix if i want to have a pots in there.
    Also another plan, if i wanna go with 8 plants what is the smallest box, light i need to have?
    Thanks guys for your help!
  10. Using the ol' 1 plant per sq ft rule of thumb, you would need at least 8 sq ft, that's about 2x4 or 3x3 footprint. You could do with a 400w HID in that amount of space.
  11. for bigger pots just get two pots for each plant. cut a hole in the bottom of one and put it in the other. it will make the pot sit higher, but you will get about 5 gallons out f those two 10" pots. additionally while the 400 hps light will be better. you will have a hell of a time keeping your temperatures under control in you box. my box is around the same size as yours and it takes i have to leave my fans on all the time just to keep the temps around 78 degree. sometimes they go up to as high as 84. i think if you get the bigger light then get a bigger box. or just get the smaller light, it will work fine for what you need it for. of course cool tubes are always an option. good luck man

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