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will it go through or is it G?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Celbrise, May 15, 2010.

  1. when you twist one end and put the cruch on the open end and toke does it fall apart and you end up sucking up all the buds even though their unlight? something like a vacuum effect. or will that only happen if you dont roll it tight? also whats better a spliff or all natural?
  2. if you roll something tight you wont get nug in your mouth, and i personally prefer all natural but some people like the tobacco, either for the nicotine high or because it burns slow and even, but i prefer to stick to good ol' mj
  3. :confused: wtf r u talking about dude? :bongin:
  4. dude....what the hell are you asking? or was that a statement? :confused:
  5. If you made the crutch right it will unravel in the end of the joint. And whenever you put the joint to your mouth, your lips kinda keep everything tight and good anyways.
  6. Just watch out you lips dont stick to the resiny crutch (Roach) and rip it out. If im rolling something to smoke it right then ill just light it up so i don't have to fry that annoying titty off the end. Or roll the end up and bite it off some theres a little hole in the middle to suck the flame through.
  7. whaaaaaaaaaaat :confused:

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