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Will It Be Obvious That Im High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by zarkrom, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Me and a friend are going to a party next week and were thinking of taking some hash brownies before we arrive. I was wondering if it would be noticeable that were high when were there. You see, there will be lots of drinking going on but many of the people going to the party are not happy with people taking (illegal) drugs. I'd rather get stoned than drunk though seeing as i prefer the feeling. None of the people know that i use weed except for the guy whose going with me and he's also getting stoned?

  2. Use some Visine and don't be laughing like Wiz Khalifa then you'll be straight.
  3. Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls?
  4. I wouldn't even associate myself with anyone who will drink alcohol but does not approve of cannabis use. 
  5. Well, edibles are more potent so take little bites then see how you feel after each bite give each bite about 8-12 mins to sync in.
  6. #6 A Rational Psychopath, Jun 8, 2013
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    Oh yes. When Marijuana is heated a special chemical is created. This will make you smell like a fucking rabid skunk. You will get arrested. You're actually less likely to get arrested if you show up naked with these on. As long as you don't ingest heated cannabis.
  7. man
  8. well scince nobody knos your gonna get high then no one will expect you to be high
  9. You'll be fine
    That's pretty intolerant of you. So what if these people don't want you to take an illegal drug to their party? This is completely reasonable of them. Maybe they're worried about police getting involved... Also, you're never going to learn anything with your attitude of running from any alternative opinion.
    In response to the OP, I wouldn't be too worried about people suspecting you especially if they're going to be drinking. I know they result in different and distinct mood altering effects but everyone their will be drunk and will expect you to be as well. It's up to you. I don't know how sharp your friends are when they're drunk but my friends are dumbasses when they drink.
  11. oh yes my friend, if you arent used to edibles especially, and even if you are you are gonna get quite high, and with drinking involved you might end up rolling around on the floor
    just dont overdo the drinking or the edibles and you should be good :))
  12. Of course they will know if you are high. They will call the cops and have you arrested.
    He said hes going to eat them before he arrives. And anyone who approves of binge drinking but doesn't approve of cannabis use is a uneducated hypocrite.
  14. the answer is yes, everyone will know
  15. if you don't run your mouth about it no one will know if someone asks about your eyes just say that always happens when you drink but if everyone else is drinking i doubt anyone will notice
  16. Is this a high school party? College party?
    What kind of horse fuck party host is okay with binge drinking, but not okay if someone is high -_-
    However, I could understand hosting a party, but not wanting illegal drugs at the party -- that's understandable, e pespecially where it's completely illegal under state law. But if people are not cool with being around someone who's high while they're drunk, then I say fuck them and go to the party higher than you've ever been and laugh at their hangovers.
  17. Sounds like a "normal party" to me. Honestly man, if you don't feel like being there then you don't have to go. 
    I only go to "cool" parties. 
    Cannabis is illegal, binge drinking isn't. This is the distinction between the two. If someone doesn't want you on an illegal substance in their house, they have every right to. But hey, if you want to label these people "uneducated hypocrites" without knowing anything about them, go right ahead.
  19. Lol I think that's pretty intolerant of them then. To pound down some alcohol and then not let a a guy spark up a joint. What kind of party can you not get high at? If I go to a party I am fully expecting to get high as a kite because I do not drink. Besides I'd rather be by myself than around a bunch of drunk uneducated hypocrites. Doesn't sound like a party to me. 
    If its working correctly they SHOULD know you're high. :smoke: 

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