Will it affect the grass?

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  1. I've had to get myself a new connect due to problems with the law. Just head from the new guy that he puts acid in the soil when he's growing the weed. Does anyone know if this will have any affects on the final product? I know it won't have the potency of acid, but was just wondering if it might be extra trippy??? any similar stories would be appreciated.......
  2. I'm gonna have to call BS on this one...'cid is way more expensive than bud..and not nearly as readily available. The general rule for lacing anything is to use cheaper product than the stuff you are already trying to sell..its just not economically viable.

    ..but I've been wrong before
  3. I'm not sure dude, i'm just repeating what i was told myself. he said it was his own personal stash which he doesn't sell to everyone except when hes hard up for cash. not sure if he does it with all the stuff he grows but maybe your right and hes bullshittin me....
  4. maybe hes trying it for the first time to see what it does and see if it makes it trippy i doubt it will and probably will only waste money and acid but he could just be trying it for the hell of it
  5. it would be a waste of acid if he did that. i definitely doesn't work that way and if it did somehow get in the bud lsd is destroyed by heat so you still wouldn't trip. guy is either an idiot or he's bullshitting you. if he tries to charge you more for the weed don't fall for it.
  6. That he puts acid in the soil more likely means ascorbin acid or something than it means lysergic acid. The potency of acid is measured by the amount of lsd while the potency of buds are measured in thc and those chemicals works very different in the brain.

    Also, if he put lsd in the soil that would be very expensive in the long run and a waste because lsd is destroyed when burned (unsmokeable).

    However, I heard somewhere that ascorbin acid (vitamin-c) helps increasing the potency when making cannabutter, perhaps it does the same as soil?
  7. That is the most retarded thing I've heard in a while.

    "He said he puts milk in the soil when he's growing it, but I'm lactose intolerant! Should I still smoke it?????"
  8. I think people are taking his question the wrong way. Don't call him stupid or his question dumb because it really isnt. He didnt ask if he would trip balls on acid. Just if it will make it more potent, or could be bad. People on here are way too quick to start being assholes.

    -Nuff said
  9. Sure they may be assholes, but they atleast tried to answer the question, none of which you did.

    And No, it wouldn't make it more potent.
  10. it wouldn't do anything...he might as well put blank white paper into the soil with the bud.

    If he tries to charge you more for the weed just cause he mixes acid into the soil, tell him to back the fuck up
  11. It shouldn't have any affect on the bud. BS stories like that either mean your dealer is an idiot or he's over compensating for having crap weed. Not sure if you should trust him.
  12. Thanks for the help guys, wasn't sure what to make of it myself. i'm not getting charged anymore but just wanted to make sure I wasn't dabbling in something out of my comfort zone!!as usual GC provides the answers!!!
  13. Im definitly calling bullshit, Just wouldn't work.

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