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Will Illinois become a medical state?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. I hope Illinois will become a medical state. maybe it will make this state a little better. Does anyone from illinois know if it will/when?
  2. Probably not.
  3. You can only hope for the best
  4. Lol is this really a question??

  5. yes...
  6. A couple years ago, there was a bill making its way through legislation that would allow for Illinois to become a medical state.

    Illinois Bill Fails Yet Again

    Illinois MMJ

    Check out those sites, they have some information. But with our increasingly corrupt political system, I doubt Illinois will push for it any time soon. We can always hope though.

  7. that makes it even worse, think about this one for a second, how would they know if or when ur state is going to pass any laws

  8. people from my state that have researched it.........
  9. laws get voted on and can get turned down, thats like asking if anyone knows who the next president is, no one knows for sure so its a stupid question
  10. Medical Marijuana is already legal in Illinois. I read an article a few years back stating that a law was passed allowing medical marijuana, but distribution was to be overseen by state police/health dept(I believe, but I read it a long time ago). Anyhow, they never set up the program stating that they were waiting for the other group to get the go-ahead.

    a lot of you are going to post saying that i'm obviously an idiot (more power to you), but here's a link to a post in another forum with some info.

    Illinois Medical Marijuana bill introduced.

    a new bill comes to the senate floor every year since 2004, at this rate, I believe it will happen eventually, but as previously stated, our political system is retarded, and until our politicians see personal gain from allowing it, they probably won't pass it. In 2007 mmj was shot down in a vote of 22 - 29, that's pretty close.

    for all of you doubters, there are plenty of articles out there, you should read them.
  11. Illinois sucks man, the dupage county police are always on my ass like no other...

  12. yeah man, there are ALOT of cops where i live. close to you. im right outside chicago in the burbs. they are always on everyones ass

  13. im like naperville aurora area.. yea it fuckin blows man. cant wait to get tha fuck outta here

  14. yeah man i feel you same here, & prices fucking blow

  15. ehhh they're ight. i can get 15$ G's 50$ eights 80$ Quads 150$ halves 250$ oz all dank of couse

  16. yeahh when i buy 8ths i get 4g's so thats 15 a g. always dank:smoke: right now i have like a g left of some og kush. gunna finish it tonight
  17. is it legal to bring medical from michigan to illinois if you have a medical card?

  18. Nope, you're only protected under MI state law. In illinois that card is about as worthless as an used condem

  19. Cook here, or at least, when I'm home from school. I get it $20 a g. Always dank

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