Will I roll hard tomorrow if I roll today?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 561imdone, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Alright well its friday and I feel like taking one of these transformers =OOOO thing is Im suppose to chill with some friends tomorrow and roll as well.... If I take one roll tonight and one in the afternoon tomorrow will I roll as hard?? My friend told me I wouldnt and its a waste.. but you guys know your shit so lemme hear it
  2. Save 'em for tomorrow. Why have 2 mediocre experiences when you can have 1 mindblowing experience?

  3. man i scored 15 blue transformers at schwagstock!! they made me transform lol.
    they are probably my faves to roll on. good vibes your way
  4. mdma releases ALL of your serotnin (chemical in your brain that makes u happy)...so if u roll tonite there wont be any serotonin left in your brain for tomorrow night...if u really wanna roll tomorrow night then save it for tomorrow
  5. alright guys thanks so much!!:hello::hello:
  6. Save it for tomorrow.

    I heard Transformers were bunk tho? Are they cut outs?
  7. u should peep pillreports, most transformers are meth bombs...

  8. i thought they might have been too, but when i tried them they were pretty great. they definitely werent bunk.
    i could feel a little meth in them, but not very much at all. but who knows. i got my moneys worth :D
  9. No, and it's pretty bad for you to roll consecutively like that.
  10. ive rolled once before and today will be my 2nd time.... I dont plan on taking it all the time just on occasion....
  11. You should only plan to take it once a month, at most, if you care about your mental health.

  12. not true really but whatever. solid advice considering his desire to roll tomorrow.
    i've rolled 11 days in a row. and i have a buddy who did 40 days and 40 nights. craaaazy shit.
  13. you must have felt retarded after that :eek:

    OP i cant give you dosage advice, but i can tell you that if you do roll tonight, you will need twice as much to roll tomorrow. eg: you take one pill tonight, take two tomorrow. but trust me man, rolling even once a month will catch up to you after awhile. just take it easy with that and enjoy the fun. you dont want to become an e-tard and lose all the magic, do you?
  14. this man speaks truth. it all catches up with you hard and it definitely loses the magic. e is whatever for me now. or at least it was after the summer ended after doing it so much. thats why im waiting to do more.

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