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Will i pass???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by LoCstA606, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. I brought some qcarbo32 a couple days ago and i got a call back for a job and gotta go pee tomorrow and i smoked this morning,will i pass my test if i drink it like 6 in the monring.my test is at 9am,kinda nervous but just wanted some input???:confused:
  2. Good luck, but I don't think you will pass. best of luck though. Welcome to GC.
  3. yea you really dont have much of a chance with that little time span but good luck
  4. Drink lots of water and tea try exercising abit and I heard aspirin also helps get out of your system but idk how true that is. Other then that cross your fingers man
  5. For fuck's sake, another one. Asking if you will pass a drug test TOMORROW when you smoked TODAY is about as stupid as asking if immolating yourself then jumping off the CN Tower while slitting your own throat will kill you.
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    Here's what I dont understand about people like OP:

    1) They smoke herb (that's cool with me)
    2) They want to get a job
    3) They decide to apply for some jobs
    4) Along with most jobs comes an initial drug test
    5) OP keeps smoking
    6) OP smokes 5 mins before his test, then posts asking if he'll pass
    7) OP fails DT and is all mad and upset


    A job provides you a source on income so you can pay bills/buy cool shit/do fun stuff. Why would you risk not having that just so you can smoke *ONE* more time before the test? When you decide to start applying for jobs, stop smoking, wait a week, then apply. By the time you get tested/hired it will have been about 30 days or so. Take the test and pass. Get job, begin smoking just like you did before. Have money to buy herb/new pieces/awesome stuff. Pay for school. Buy a car. Anything! I just dont get why it's not 'worth' it to some people.

    This, I will never understand...
  7. I agree with this fully. If you are looking for a job you should assume there is going to be a drug test and have enough self control not to smoke until you get that job
  8. depending on if I go to grad school or not, I still have 3-6 years of school left. Hopefully it is legalized at the federal level by then.:D

    I had a summer job on a naval shipyard and I was paranoid I would get tested but I didn't.
  9. I'm sorry but I dont think it's likely that you will pass. you shouldnt have smoked if you knew you had a drug test coming up. MAYBE if you are a very infrequent smoker, you didn't get that high and you are extremely thin with a fast metabolism but even then i dont think your chances would be that good.:(

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