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Will I pass? =O!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by anthonyw4, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. If my hair is already above 1.5inches before I had smoked(which is clean/haven't smoked for 6months) but then I smoked 2-3 weeks before my drug test(hair). Will I pass? I haven't cut my hair for 2-3months so the 1.5inches that already has grown shouldn't have drugs in them. Right? Because that time limit of growing was drug free. I should only be worried about the hair thats about to grow? So that means I should not cut my hair, because the hair that grows is the one with drugs in them and the hair above it, is the time without. I read that once hair grows its dead. Please help me. Correct me if im wrong. I just feel this is a logic point. Also I do know hair grows a 1/2 inch a month plus or minus more. ***Separated but can you answer both please*******Weed I was smoking was in California**********IM FREAKING OUT HERE*****Im a African American male. The length of my hair is 1.5 to 1.7 inches. I read that hair grows approxamilly 1/2 inch a month. I also read they only take 1.5inches to test and could test up to 5 years. The company only wants up to 3 months. My hair tends to grow slow. I ended up smoking on December 30 then Jan 1-2 of 2012-2013. After that I stopped, but before Dec30 I haven't smoked for 3-5 months. I have been working out starting Jan 4. My test isn't until 3-4weeks from now maybe even 2. My biggest question is. If I already have grown hair thats (1.5in) before the time I smoked, will I still pass? Please. Help me. I will greatly appreciated it. ***Is there any hair detox product that works? Went to a smoke shop and they told me All Clear works. Any good reviews on that?****** 
  2. Shave it

  3. What will it solve if I cut it? Wont it just show in the new growth?
  4. are you sure it's a hair test and not a pee test?

  5. Im pretty damn sure lol. Its for a big company

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