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Will I Pass My Urine Test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DatDodie, May 24, 2013.

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    I will probably have to take a urine test on tuesday, i smoked literally barely a puff of a joint on wednesday night and since thursday night i've been drinking a ton of water, my piss is pretty much water too now. My school might drug test me on tuesday because there dumb asses think im stupid enough to smoke at school. which brings me to another question, some stupid fucks smoked and didnt get caught the day of, i was with them but did NOT smoke. the next day i get called into the principals and they were asking if i knew anything about it. i denied it all and said i had nothing to do with it, they have no proof that anything was done either, only just a "Tip" they got from a teacher who smelt it. So, will i pass the test and can they do anything if i just keep denying that i knew anything went on, i still pass the test?  
    -Also i'm 6ft3 and weigh roughly 185 pounds (i have a very high metabolism rate)

  2. If you're sketchin' hard enough to make a post on a forum about it, I would suggest buying a urine test online. It literally took me about 2 seconds to find one for your needs using the power of Google.
  3. Start working out, you'll be fine. Or you could just refuse to piss... because your piss is arguably very fucking private.
  4. ^ this


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