Will I pass my drug test?

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  1. Hey guys so I've been doing some reading and I can't determine whether or not I'm in the clear to take my drug test on May 5. Back in November- early January I would take about 2 hits of dabs about 2-3 times a week give or take. I did quit smoking for about 20 days in December inbetween that time frame. Then I tried edibles for about a week in February. The last time I smoked was Febraury 20th. In the time of dabbing I weighed about 250.. I'm 6'1. Since I have quit on the 20th I have lost 27 pounds through eating very right and doing cardio workouts 6 times a week. So now I weigh about 221 and haven't smoked since February 20fh and don't plan to until AFTER my drug test on the 5th. Do you think I'll pass?
  2. I'm no Dr but dang I would sure hope so. Weed don't stay in your system that long.

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  3. You'd be surprised, especially depending on your size and metabolism it could take 4-6 weeks to totally be clensed.

    Anyway, I would say given you've exercised and abstained for <30 days that you are likely in the clear. However, just to be safe go to rite aid or any little drugstore pick up a test it for $10-15 and check yourself. Better to have some peace of mind knowing.

    Edit: If it's a hair follicle test then you will not pass, your hair can show your drug history pretty far back and they usually check the last 90 day period about .5in-1in of your hair is tested.
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