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Will I pass my drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kyled787, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. So I have a drug test coming up on February 24 and January 29 was my last day smoking so I will have 26 days clean I need to pass this test or I WILL go to jail I smoke a lot of pot and oil prob 1/8 a day between me and a friend or two I am 5'9 and 130lbs
  2. You're so fucked. Say hi to bubba for me. Just don't drop the soap.
  3. You should be fine if you take a fat rip before the test. Just make sure eat a lot of salts
  4. You'll be good
  5. Water, water, water drink cranberry juice also. But for real though chug that shit just to be sure.

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  6. On a serious note, isn't there a product you can buy the temporarily coats the inside of your digestive system? That way when you piss, nothing will show up on the test because the coating blocks any thc from metabolizing into your urine because the walls or your system are coated
    I don't know if that makes any sense, sorry. Pretty stoned
  7. My friend at work would bring a milk jug full of water and he'd finish it when he only worked like 3 hours.
    You will have to drink ALOT OF WATER.
  8. Also, if you're a dude you should really gain some weight. That just sounds unhealthy.
  9. yea. ur light. most likely. i smoked a 2.5-3.5 grams of bho nd i was clean after 26 days.i was clean after 15 days go to the dollar tree and get a few drug tests nd test ur self after 10-15 days if ur nmot clean just drink alot of water nd test ur self after 5 days im also skinny like u.
  10. So I took an at home drug test today to see and I am still positive I was going to buy instant flush by magnum detox what do you guys think
    This is a great way to put your body at a big risk of water intoxication. People die from this.
    Your body can only metabolize about .2 gallons of water per hour. Let's say you have 16 hours in your day (you're not drinking water while you're sleeping). 16 hours x .2 gallons per hour = 3.2 gallons 
    So your body can only handle about 3 gallons at the absolute maximum per day. That's for a 180 pound adult. You're gonna be putting your body under so much stress if you do this. Really stupid advice.
    I won't sugar coat my answer since it seems like you're an adult who realizes what reality is. You might still have a chance at passing since Feb 24 is another week away. Buy another at-home test and test yourself again on Feb 23rd. If you fail that, then immediately get a hold of clean urine or buy synthetic urine to substitute with.
    But it sounds like this is for probation, so they're probably going to watch you, right? So I guess you can't sub.
    If it's a dipstick test, then drink a lot of liquid and you'll probably pass.
    If it's going to be sent to a lab, you are fucked.
  13. I don't want a sugar coated answer i want a real answer do you think that instant flush shit will work
  14. Yes it's for probation it will most likely be sent to a lab I'm so fucking scared
  15. It's called instant flush by magnum detox it is a 5 hr mask it coats you stomach so you don't absorb thc in urine for a few hours
  16. I'm currently 28 days clean...and still dirty above the 50 ng level. If you're still failing at home tests the day before you must seriously consider an alternative solution. Lab tests that use GC/MS machines will test down to 15 ng levels. I've heard good and bad things regarding detox drinks, however they do say that you must be a light/moderate smoker for them to work successfully. You'll be taking a serious gamble with them, but being a government ordered test subbing synthetic or real urine is not an option. Getting caught subbing would bring worse consequences than failing the drug test. I'd advise you to consider products made by spectrum labs, they're a very reputable company and have been around a long time. I wish you the best of luck. 
    Don't give up yet, you still got a week to go. 
    Basically, all of these "detox" drinks tell you to drink it, then fill the bottle up with water, drink the water, then go take the test. All the drink is doing is diluting your urine and trying to replenish that with more electrolytes and vitamins to "trick" the lab. The problem is, labs test for other things that can't be tricked. pH, specific gravity, uric acid, and so on. It's basically a crapshoot to use one of these drinks.
    I understand you may be out of options at that point so the drink may be your last resort. Just understand that it's not magic, or else everyone would be smoking weed and passing drug tests left and right. Good luck.
  18. I bought it and I am going to try another at home test

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  19. Instant flush worked I got another at home test and I was clean thank god

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