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    I weight 145 pounds and i am 5'11 maybe could stretch that 6 mark.
    I have a very fast metabolism.
    About 2 weeks ago i smoked 2 reg blunts.
    and last weekend i smoked .5 of some kush.
    This upcoming monday i have a drug test (urine) not being sent to the lab from my probation officer.
    If i start intaking creatine this weekend and drinking loads of water and mixing it with sure gel with some working out in between . Yes i have a couple water pills and b12 vitamins on hand too.
    Is there any hope for me to pass this drug test monday.

  2. You're fucked.
  3. Maybe, but more opinions are needed.
  4. 2 blunts and a bowl and you piss less than 3 weeks later?
    and you need more opinions?
    talk about an optimist.
  5. Not that im an optimist. Its just i've seen closer calls pass a test and urine samples can be diluted enough to pass. Obviously, im going to have THC in my body. The trick here is can i reduce the levels low enough to piss under the radar. Now with the equipment i've stated in my originial post I think i can, but I'm here posting to see if anyone else has experience and has done this before.
  6. Dude I had a friend who would smoke alot and then just drink TONS of water 2 days before her test.. If you do all of this, you definitely have a chance at passing :)
  7. Thank you that helps lol.
  8. I pass tests in 10 days easily key is to take a lot of pisses but also take a lot of shits fast metabolism is good
  9. Quick fix fetish urine

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