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Will I Pass A Lab Drug Test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ak1025, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. So I have a lab drug test later today and I'm weirdly nervous about passing. The last time I smoked was 35 days ago and I only took three hits. Six months before that, I took probably six or seven hits. I used to be a pretty avid smoker but within the last year I've only smoked a few times. Considering it's been 35 days, do you think I'll pass this drug test? 

  2. From the sound of it you should be good to go. You also didnt specify what kind of test would be performed. If its a hair follicle test then you most likely will fail. If its a urine test you have a good chance at passing seeing that you do not smoke as often. THC has a half life of about 45 days max. If you are really worried you will fail and are taking a urine test then I would recommended purchasing some synthetic urine. The kit include the bottle of fake pee and rubberband and some sort of heating device. In my case all I did was microwave the urine so it was luke warm around 70-80 degrees. Mine came with a hand warmer so I activated it and strapped the bottle with the hand warmer on top to my upper thigh. Went in for the drug test emptied my pockets and went into the bathroom locked the door pour out the conents into the cup and put it back on my leg and walked out no problem. Also the bottle of urine comes with a heat strip that tells you how warm it is. The urine must be between 97-99 degrees F. No more no less. Good luck but you should pass without a problem.

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