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Will I pass? 4 days notice, please answer quick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AlexHalding, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Okay, so I smoked a blunt saturday morning.
    I workout 3x a week, am 6"1 and 135 pounds. I have 4.5% body fat.
    I've been drinking alot of water and exercising more than usual. I bought a First Check at home drug test and took it Tuesday morning. The line was VERY faint, so I was borderline/barely passing. After that test, I worked out more and have drank about 4 glasses of water.
    My test is wednesday afternoon. Will I pass? I know this is sorry, but I need to know. 

  2. probably not, but only one way to find out
    good luck
  3. 4.5% body fat?  Eat a damn sandwich!
  4. If that blunt you smoked Saturday morning was your first in a long time you should be good. If you were smoking regularly up until Saturday morning then you're probably fucked.
  5. @[member="unplugged"] it was the first time I've smoked weed in 5 months.
  6. I wouldn't sweat it then. Keep drinking water. Back before I was a regular smoker I smoked a joint on a Thursday once, found out on Friday that I had a drug test on Monday. I was nervous as shit but I passed it. I drank a lot of water and vinegar. I don't know if that helped or not.
  7. If your really sweatin it.Head 2 a local headshop & ask for DrGreens.Works like a charm every time I've passed twice using it
  8. Stop working out a few days til the test. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. You should be ok, lucky you ain't a big person, stays with you longer

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  9. #9 Bamboobam, Jan 22, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
    More than likely you should be fine. Keep exercising and update.
  10. Lots of water, continue to exercise, and taking Niacin for the next two days (no longer) couldn't hurt.
    Oh, and did I mention water? Especially on test day!
  11. I took my test this afternoon. I exercised up until 24 hours to the test time, and drank water ALOT. I was pissing every 20-30 minutes. I also took my b-vitamins so my piss was a good color. When will they call? My doctors office couldnt do it, so i literally took the test at the lab. When will they notify my parents? I took it at 3p.m. wednesday. thanks. @[member="ZigzaGoop"] @[member="unplugged"] @[member="Bamboobam"] @[member="jeeptoke"]
    They probably won't notify anyone but you and your employer if you fail. Especially if you're over 18. It sounds like you should be good though. You've done everything you could though so que sera, sera. Failing a drug test won't ruin your life.
  13. @[member="unplugged"] thats the thing, my parents are the one who wanted it. It has nothing to do with an employer.
  14. Oh, shit. lol
    You'll still probably pass it but if you're under 18 and the test was done at their request then yeah, I'm sure they'll share the results with them.
    This probably isn't helpful to you but if we want to change the perception of cannabis and dispel all the propaganda and misinformation that exists in mainstream culture about this flower then it has to start with each of us educating those around us who don't know. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to make a difference. :)
  15. You are 6'1" and 135 pounds? You should be smoking more so you get the munchies more, because you need to put on some weight muscle or fat
  16. At your size I would imagine you will probably pass. You obviously know it stores in fat and you apparently have none so that's a bonus. Crappy timing. If you're registering a faint line you'll likely fall under the threshold for testing positive. 
  17. @[member="unplugged"] I've taken many in the past, and they do notify them I just don't know when. My parents don't tell me if I pass, they just dont mention it but if I fail i'll hear it. 
  18. your body probably burned it the first hr after you smoked just to keep you alive
  19. @[member="unplugged"] @[member="Bamboobam"] @[member="ZigzaGoop"] it's been 32 hours. Should the lab have called by now?
  20. Why would your parents want to test you, assuming that you're 18?

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