will I? or wontI>

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. loose it? hahahahhahahaha NO (POP?!?!??!!) (i never liked them anyway) LOSR IT?/ i dunoo....maytbe tonight maybe iI will mon=t, propbktlly i.......I just cant ifn thte kys that can the lp out the BAIIN that produiceses the SPEW that SPESAS the SHIT thst it doesa.

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  2. its oookaayyy...put down the joint, and slowly back away..
  3. dingus<-----picks up joint and backs up slowly....
  4. HEY!!



  5. giggles laffes
    spins arround

    and offers to share?
  6. sure, lets go!
  7. passes joint and continues to dance....
  8. *slowly creeps towards the skittles*
  9. *glances sidelong at pink rabbit*

    wonders?silly rabbit skittles are for kids?

    shakes head and returns to dance
  10. so then, so then, so then I says....ok. who moked my joint? la la la la. WHere can a girl like ME get some skittles like THOSE?
  11. dirtydingus! you silly dilly dancer! you spelled pencil wrong!! hehe
  12. *notices that this is just a message board and you aren't really in a room somwhere*

    I know- I am a party pooper...
  13. im eating brownies...they are good...mmm..brownies....MEOW!

  14. i spell every thing roung!

    i suck at spelling

    cus im dislexic
  15. Walks in takes joint,. Takes one hell of a hit. Asks sensi to dance. Shows how dancing is done. Eats two brownies, then one last hit off joint. POOf gone with the wind!

  16. I make up words...so spell the way you want to, dirtydingusus. I actually thought you were being a rebel and were doing things your own way. ;)

    I want in on the fun...I want to eat brownies with Skittles on top and I want to dance around with everybody but Switchy Boy cause he's a party pooper....a party pooper that kicks ass, but a party pooper none the less!!!


  17. I'm eating a popsicle, wanna hear the joke?

    What's the most important thing you need when you go skateboarding?

    a skateboard, wow, is it just me or are they runnin' out of good material? ;)
  18. ************SLAP***********

    Give up the joint or i'll get the ~~~WHIP~~~!!!!

    I now remember she LOVES the whip!

    Must think of something else. Oh I know COW POKER with fully charged batteries!!!!!!

    Give it up girl!!!!!
  19. Ok, now...back off, man. I don't go for the cow poker. No way...No how. UH UH!!!!!

    Here's the J....I was just kidding...I wouldn't hold the joint hostage. Not me! NEVER!
  20. I knew I could change your mind.

    ****New idea***** I need a job as a hostage negotiator!!

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