Will i have to sign for my package?

Discussion in 'General' started by FreshStoner, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I ordered an acrylic bong today that was 26.00 dollars and I was wondering if I will have to sign for it? I wont be home when it will be delivered because I work all day. Will they just leave it on the door step if im not home? Please share your experiences ordering from Grasscity. thanks

  2. Yes they will leave it on the porch unless it is marked for signature. I used to work for UPS so this I know.
  3. All GC orders require a sig on delivery if you arent there i think you have to go pick it up.
  4. Which is it boys?
  5. Where I am if you don't sign for it they give it to your neighbor to hold for you. If you have some nosey ass neighbors they'll know your a pothead lol

    But then again I haven't gotten a package in forever so idk if they still do that

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    Yeah that's against the law. 
    OP if you do have to sign for it. And you are not home, they leave a note and either try again the next day or tell you to pick it up at the post office. Because you even ordered a plastic bong of the internet it's safe for me to assume you are a kid living with your parents and don't want them to see it. 
  7. Mine didn't, and I ordered a bong, grinder, wraps, etc.

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