Will I get the ban if I inquire about MMJ clubs in a state where it is illegal?

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  1. I am in a state that will likely be the last or second to last to legalize MMJ, if ever.

    No big deal, but I am wondering if I make some posts inquiring in a attempt to meet others in the area with MMJ needs, will I get the ban hammer? What other methods are there? Is anyone aware of a site that meets this need?

    Thanks. And thank you to all the moderators who donate their time to make the place run smooth. I am the head mod on a board about half this size, I know how thankless the work is. So, keep it up guys you do real good.
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    Thanks for the comments, dude. Fortunately, we've found out quite recently, that people are a bit more thankful than we thought. :) Some aren't but that's just life. ;)

    Unfortunately, you can't try to hook up with with people with MMJ needs in that manner but check out the MMJ forum anyway. :)
  3. thanks, thats what I figured and why I asked.
  4. In the future, I believe we'll be providing more info regarding MMJ and the states that have legalized it for that purpose, though. That will be a positive thing. :)

    (I live in one of those kinds of states like you. So, I'll be surprised if MMJ ever becomes legal in my area.)

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