will I get money back if I do my taxes?

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    I have never done taxes before. I made a couple grand from a job that I had in the summer and they taxed me like a son of a bitch. Will I be able to get that money back with the W2 form or will I have to fill something else out?

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    In all likelihood you'll get money back. Most young people do.

    But if you don't do your taxes you'll be hounded with penalties and forced to pay. So there's that. :laughing:
  3. You very likely will
  4. Why wouldn't you?
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    Thanks good to know. If I am getting money back I want to fill that out then I can get a fire oil vape pen :smoking:
  6. It all depends on if they took out enough taxes or not. The taxes you pay up front are essentially an estimation.
    If you payed an excess, you get your excess back. If you didn't pay enough, you owe.
  7. You'll probably get a decent portion back. Most people in the lowest income brackets get a decent return from what was taken away. Even better if you are in college or technical school. Unless you're still living with your parents (assuming you're pretty young), and they claim you as a dependent. You can still be claimed as a dependent if you live with them, as long as your income isn't too high. If they do, you probably won't get much, if that. My best friend's dad is the tax man :laughing:
    And like Toasty said, if you don't file, and you end up owing the IRS, you'll just end up owing more, and more, and more, and so the process of taxation goes on. Unless you have a way to get out of it or something, which I do not condone ;)
  8. You most likely will get a refund. But like already said, if you don't file, you'll wish you had. What IRS will do is wait 3 years, then send you a notice to provide tax return info for that year, and if you don't they'll do your taxes for you and not allow any deductions AND add late penalties to it.
    On a $2k income you'll probably get a bill for about $800 and if not paid within a short deadline they'll take your pay from your current employer until they are satisfied. But don't worry, they'll be happy to arrange a payment plan if you call them. They don't want to feed you in jail, all they really want is your money. That's what the "paper trail" is all about.
    When you fish in the kings pond, you must pay the kings ransom. Death is your only escape. Unless you sell drugs for cash.
    What happens if I was paid under the table per say.  All cash, and I put it in my bank. 
  10. Then Uncle Sam is going to come to your house and fuck you right in your wallet. And whoever paid you will be next.
  11. get a 1040 EZ form and fill it out.
    You might get $200 back.
  12. Wtf is wrong with people. Fuck all that shit. Do your taxes. Don't be dumb. You start not doing your taxes then the Feds come after you. More than likely you will get something back. Fuck 200 bucks man. Do them right and you should get more. I always do. But then again, I've been doing my own taxes since I was 17 and the only time I got less than a grand back was when I was 16 and I got se stupid bullshit 458 back.

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  13. If you get paid under the table it all depends on if the company claimed you as an asset or not. Do you know if the company filed you as a sub contractor?

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  14. if you're asking gc about taxes you're probably long fucked anyways man....sorry but YOU GOTTA KEEP UP ON THAT SHIT.....it's called being a part of society unfortunately.
  15. Depends on what you claimed
  16. Jackson Hewitt will do a 1040 form for free, or at least they used to. Though they're pretty simple anyway, so I guess that's why.
    Pay up, gotta keep the overlords content! :p

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