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Will I get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mellowed_out, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So I smoked yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks! I got pretty damn high off 3 SMALL bowls, trying to save my weed!

    I'm going to a 311 concert tonight and I wanna get blown off my ass there...

    My question is, will I get high if I only have about 2 bowls left? Should I put it in a joint with some tobacco? How do I make this get me high for the concert?

    The type of weed is Purple Mr. Nice Guy.
  2. you gotta lace it with pcp. that is the only way
  3. I read eating a overly ripe mango before or after, dont remember the sequence, can intensify your high. I dont know if your high will last longer. If you really want to get baked, just get some more weed
  4. If you smoke weed you will be fine.
  5. with 2 bowls i get high and i have smoked every day for like 6 months you will be fine but i wouldent suggest brining and smoking a bowl in a concert joints are way safer

  6. youre actually pretty straight with a bowl at a 311 concert, just be smart about sneaking it in. last 311 concert i was at there were people with bowls, bubblers, and even small bongs. EVERYONE was blazing.
  7. Indeed. Sneak a couple jays in your shoe. If you have lawn seats(if it's outside) that's the best place to smoke. If you have regular seats it's going to be a bit harder to smoke. But you're going to a 311 and i believe Ziggy Marley is coming with them so there is going to be a surplus of ganja man even if you don't have enough for yourself.
  8. im goin to see 311 with Ziggy in 9 days!! so pumped

    just roll sum jays for the concert that always works the best. or blunts

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