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Will I get drug tested?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jimboooob, Oct 12, 2014.

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    I went for a interview around 3 weeks ago, I then received a phone call 3 days later saying that I got the job and start on the 20th.  I haven't been told anything about drug testing or anything like that, even in the interview it went on for a long time but never mentioned drug testing. It's a small business; theres about 5 or 6 people who work there. I'm working as an apprentice as a IT technician.
    I am panicking if I will get drug tested. I've spoke to friends who work as IT Engineers and they said they've never being drug tested and they work in a hospital.

  2. You could get drug tested. Just wait for your first day and ask a coworker about drug testing. Dont smoke until then. The job is more important than the weed.
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    If I'm honest I am a heavy smoker, If I ask a co-worker thats just too suspicious. Surely I need a notice period to get drug tested; I haven't signed any contract or anything. Surely they would make me take the drug test before starting because since I am a apprentice all the training is getting provided and its all been planned; giving me a drug test then firing me, wasting all that planning... that's illogical.
  4. You probably will get tested. I would expect to get tested, and if you don't, then you can go toke up. Sometimes places won't ask you to get tested until your first week of work. It has happened to me a few times.
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    from my experience IT's get a basic test when they get the job then never get tested again most people i know in IT smoke regularly if it's that small a biz then i don't think you would get tested that shit costs alot of money but if you don't smoke till the 20th you will more then likely be clean if you wanna be on the safe side
    They will not give you a notice period for a drug test. It's not like, hey we need you to take this drug test whenever you want in the next 30 days. No, that shit don't happen. If you really care about the job then quit smoking weed or get someone else's urine from somewhere. Good luck.
  7. Why will I get tested? Im not working with any dangerous equipment, I'm fixing computers...
  8. I've asked friends who work in the IT industry, like I said work in a hospital; the NHS and they've never been drug tested and its in a hospital were you would expect to get drug tested?
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    If you are doing drugs, then you are a liability to the business. They will drug test you to cover their ass in case of a lawsuit. It's like business 101. Unless you are a friend of the family or know the owners, then you need to plan to take a drug test. They will NOT give you a heads up. The only jobs that don't require drug tests are like McDonalds and pizza delivery boy. Like I said, if you really want/need this job. You need to figure something out. I bet they will drug test you. That's from my experience. And I've had a lot of good jobs and a lot of shitty jobs. You should listen to my advice.
  10. But If I'm honest, its took this guy atleast 5 months to get me a apprenticeship, surely he would tell me that I would be getting drug tested.

    Plus where do you live If I may ask? Is it the UK? 
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    Dude, if you think you won't get drug tested. By all means, I'm just trying to help. You have obviously convinced yourself already that you will not get tested. I gave you my advice. 
    Do what you want.
    I live in the US. 
  12. I know the US is a lot stricter in the UK for drug testing to be completely honest. I haven't convinced myself its just a lot of friends and family have said they've never been drug tested; I know its different here in the UK.
  13. Probably the only reason your hospital friends have not been tested is because drug testing is expensive and IT guys dont wotk with patients or drugs. They are not a high risk like a nurse or a janitor for stealing drugs. Hospitals are not exactly rich institutions so they would limit testing. A business will likely test you because not only are they richer but any fuck up would cost them much more. A small business will likely not test you more than once but the bigger the business the higher the chance. I would stop smoking until ive had the job for at least two weeks or asked a coworker if he ever got tested.
  14. Small businesses typically do not dt. Especially. In offices in my experience.
  15. If I'm honest the 'NHS' is like the biggest hospital in England, infact it is the hospitals... NHS gets billions of the government, where do you think tax goes? If I'm honest England is a lot more different than America in drug testing; I know drug testing is EVERYWHERE in America.
  16. actually theyre going to trick you and send you to get a drug test but really you just go into a room where a ghost monkey rapes you with his sandpapery barbed penis.
    the test is actually just to see if you still want to work at that company after they had you ass raped by a ghost monkey. its like a loyalty/power thing

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