will i get caught!!!

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  1. so lately i have had 2 dealers the first dealer i had was an total dick he charged me double for weed like a £10 bag was £20 and he would take half and smoke it with me. he woulf never let me smoke it on my own. so i decided to get a new dealer so i asked around and before i knew it i found someone who grew weed. so i started buying from him and the weed tasted really strange and he weighed it infront of me which i thought was pretty proffesional but it weighed loads more than it looked. after about a month of smoking his shit i found out it was contaminated so i stopped. im done with this bullshit dealers who sell u as little as possible and charge u loads and the fucktards who lace it with glass and plastic and shit. i have decided to grow my own. i live in an apartment which i have just moved into and i just want to grow enough for me. will i run the risk of getting caught by the police or am i safe for growing only a little just for me. p.s i met the dealer and i bet the shit out of him for contaminating my weed. he admitted it and i fucked his face up so bad and it felt soo good. anyway i live in glasgow and growing my own is really a last resort for me so if u guys know any dealers i could buy from who dont do this kinda stuff could u maybe reply to this and i will try and hook up thanks.
  2. You won't get caught as long as you are somewhat intelligent and purchase the proper equipment.
  3. You will get caught if this is your normal level of discretion. :hello:
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    Contaminated with what?

    And no wont be caught if you just play it cool and dont fuck up, like telling people about it and shit.

    And now you will probably get banned too, daaamn
  5. If you're growing enough just for yourself you won't get caught. Pretty sure the laws in Scotland are pretty relaxed considering, anyway. Don't worry, just grow a plant or two.
  6. You sound like you need to man up and you will get more respect from distributors. How you gonna let someone short you, and then double short you by making you smoke it with him? Damn son, you are the customer, set your terms and you won't get fucked with
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    i tried to tell him to stop it but he wouldnt listen he had kinda been a friend for a while too and it was kinda getting between our friendship. hes part of a big gang and shit and he has lots of backup from posol park so its best not to do anything about it.
  8. Why would buy from somebody like that in the first place?
  9. If your growing your own shit dont tell anyone about it

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