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will i get caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. was smoking with some friends last night in my car, the windows were down and we blowed the smoke out of the window. then we drove with the windows down for like 10 mins and i left the drivers side window cracked overnight. i didnt expect my dad to take the car but he had to go to autozone to get something for his car. i sprayed axe in the car last night. soo will it smell? i didnt check this morning
  2. Based on the position of the sun and the current wind speed, I'm going to hypothesize that 23% of the smell still remains in the car.

    Better cross your fingers and hope your dad has a stuffy nose today.
  3. chances are no, but you never know.
  4. If you were not hot boxing and rod around with the windows down it probably wont smell.

  5. ahaha dude you made me lol
  6. If he opened windows he shouldn't smell that, but if he didnt he could
  7. I doubt it. Weed smell doesn't last for long.
  8. yah he probably did roll the windows down, he smokes cigs in the car too and its like 60 degrees in the chicago burbs today. so nice

  9. if he smokes cigs he prolly no longer has a sense of smell so you should be straight
  10. you will be fine. try to think of an excuse just in case. i live in florida, and its really dry and hot and there are a lot of fires. i could say that its a fire. think of somthing that would actually make sense.
  11. ahah alright guys thanks, he didnt say anything so he didnt smell anything or he's just not going to:)
  12. #12 fer405, Mar 11, 2012
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  13. I don't think he could smell it. I used to smoke stogies and I could never smell my bud unless I got up close. Now I can smell it when I enter the room after I opened my stash :D
  14. I used to hotbox my car all the time and could smell it the next day heavily

  15. I did too but that is because the seats were leather and I did it day after day. If I did it once it wouldn't smell the next day even without cracking the windows.
  16. I've got poor people seats and can smell it next day even if it's been awhile
  17. Yeah your going to jail for a long long time. Sucks to be you.

  18. dang man really? that sucks

  19. He didn't hotbox. Windows were down.
  20. I doubt it man

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