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Will I get busted if I travel with lollipops?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by purselady, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I am flying to Vegas for a wedding, and get terrible migranes. If I don't bring my lollipops, I will have to take the migrane medicine which knocks me on my tail (in a bad way). They don't have an I dont really know how they could catch it right?
  2. you shouldn't my uncle came back from amsterdam two weeks ago with tea & lollipops.
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    If you're in the U.S. then christ by all means do it... people walk onto planes with ounces of heroine strapped to their legs. Seriously a couple of weed lollipops are U.S. airport security's last concern... they're looking for bombs / weapons... most people that don't smoke weed are completely unaware that you can even have it in lollipop form.

    To be honest I'd walk right on that plane with one of em in my mouth. Just don't be shady about it and put em in a bag or something and hide em, just put em in a random pocket no different than normal lollipops

    On a side note. Last winter I travelled to go snowboarding with a lot of friends and one of em had a slice in his jacket (had no idea it was there, stashed it there when he was high and completely forgot) which he packed... we went to a different country haha meaning we went through customs and it was there when we got there.
  4. shouldnt be a problem, i brought edibles through airport security plenty of times. they didnt even look twice at them.
  5. Your fine dude you can bring those right on I have flown with edibles before a few times that stunk like ganja but they didnt even look at them.
  6. put them in a pocket with visibly identical normal lollipops

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