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Will i get baked?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ENiGMADubz, May 22, 2017.

  1. Hello guys so ive been smoking weekly now for like 3 years of some pretty good bud, i have just bought a edible that is around 180mg of THC and i have not had one yet and i weigh around 16stone and was wondering if it will get me baked or should i swap it for a gram of some decent bud? I want to get insanely high not just like a joint or two. :)
  2. you will green out with 180mg haha. i took 50mg once an it was way too much. a recommended edible dose for a beginner is like 10-15mg. but if you really wants to take more take like 25 maybe. edible high tolerance is not like smoking and is 10x more stronger :)
  3. Oh okay thanks i might just eat two pieces then eat more if needed :D
  4. i remember eating far too much once and i was off my rocker. when i was younger i used to take a lot of acid and i found eating too much weed actually got me in a worse state than the acid lol.
    i always say take it easy when you eat it. once its in your gut, there's no turning back.its not like a joint when you can just put it in the ashtray if you feel a bit wasted and i have been chonging for 25 years m8
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    Mate, edit your post, please, you can't talk about other drugs here.
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