Will I get ash in my mouth?

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  1. Hey guys I am thing of getting a chillum because they are good and are easy to conceal and quick to smoke from so what I am wondering is if I just breath from the mouth peice will I get ash in my mouth (I dont wanna use my hands cause they will smell). and If I will get ash in my mouth is there any way to prevent this?
    Thanks all and happy Tokin :bongin:

  2. Yes. Only really the first few bowls will do this though, after a few packs your bowl will have a resin coat and that's what helps pull less to your mouth but you still have to worry about pulling too hard. Smoking technique will not make this a problem but you can just buy a screen for a nickle.
  3. @[member="LaFFiZzLe"] Nice name dude it has a ring toit haha. yeah thanks for the helpful response man I appreciate it so if I was to buy a screen would I put it in the part where I put the MJ
  4. The screen would go in between bowl and mouth piece, so it would catch any unwanted delights lol
  5. @[member="Po4381994"] a chillum doesnt have a removable bowl dude soo I would prolly put it in the bowl?
  6. Just don't rip a Kayed bowl you clown ass nigga.

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  7. @[member="Jet Life Records"] whats a Kayed bowl? 

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