Will I get anything for this?

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    My knee hurts when I walk and am sitting/laying down a little and it HURTS a lot if I run. I messed it up playing baseball with friends somehow. OTC pain relievers don't do anything to help it. And sadly there is no MMJ in WI.
  2. You could probably get Oxycodone 5mg. Even if nothing hurts you can get pain meds if your over 18, if you can't you can pay a doctor.

    It's, so, easy, to, get, pain meds.

  3. I would be using them for a real medical reason. I'd just save 2 or 3 for a fun time later on :cool:.

  4. Shoot for Oxycodones. They are pretty good at pain relieving and pretty good at recreational pain relieving:rolleyes:
  5. Idk if you'll get oxys but you'll at least get t3s or maybe hydro 5/500s

    Pain meds are easy to get tho

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