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Will I get "addicted" to weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by backwooddabbing, Jul 20, 2017.

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    So today I had surgery on my ACL and was prescribed pills for pain. I have been smoking daily for about 6 months now whether it be only a blunt before bed or a few full sessions, whatever I have time for :)

    My question is: if I continue smoking while I take the prescribed pain pills, that are addictive, will I get "addicted" to weed? What I mean is, after I stop taking the pain pills, will my body/brain try to substitute them with bud AND if I needed to stop smoking, would the withdrawal symptoms be those of weed or opiates? Thanks in advance!

    And here's a pic of some dank buds [​IMG]

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  2. No
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  3. Lol No, man.... you won't have withdrawals or addictive symptoms from weed- ever; and as long as you take your pain medication as prescribed (In quantity and dosing) you shouldn't suffer withdrawal symptoms from those either.
  4. no i wouldnt worry about that. and you shouldnt become addicted to a script or 2 of oxy's. unless you have that type of personality. and if you are really worried about, you look like you got some good bud. just use that for the pain.
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  5. See with weed, it stays in your system for so long, it makes it impossible to have withdrawal symptoms. Most symptoms that people have are psychsomatic. Like I can't sleep because I'm used to going to sleep with the aid of pot. I can't eat because the only time I eat is when I got the munchies.
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    The only withdrawal is a couple restless nights
  7. Awesome just what I wanted to hear!

    And same here Fooey, I've been getting better at it but I used to only be able to eat/sleep with the help of weed. I'm eating more regularly now but I smoke every day so if I go through the day without getting high (like today because of the surgery), I'm smoking before bed. So it's time to light up a fat dab and get some rest, thanks guys!

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  8. I'd be more worried about getting addicted to the pill vs the smoke! The chemicals in the pills damage your body WAY more! Try a strain with a higher CBD % I believe that is what is used for more pain relief vs a higher thc % gives you a better buzz?!

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  9. Wife broke her ankle and got all self-righteous about how she doesn't take pills. Lasted all of one hour after she got home.

    Don't judge. You never know.
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  10. I had surgery last year for a torn rotator cuff injury. It was the kind of surgery that jacks you up and gives you pain and weakness for a few months. The surgeons knocked me out with an anaesthetic, then turned me upside down on a table and cut, stapled my tendons back together. They gave me pain killer pills afterwards, and I took them.

    My observation: when you actually have pain, those pain killers WORK.

    When I had used up the original prescription, I had the option to refill...but it had been a couple weeks, and the pain had subsided quite a bit. I was tempted to refill, but I know that is the first cobblestone on the road to addiction, so I declined to refill the prescription and simply smoked a lot of weed.

    My pain was not that bad. :)

    I have quit smoking in the past, and wasn't really too happy about it. I must be honest about that. But the mental discomfort of that is nothing compared to what junkies experience when they try to get off of their drug. I'll take it.

    So no. Don't fear the reefer. :GettingStoned:
  11. cool quote "...emerge carrying buckets..."
  12. Thanks. It's my favorite.
  13. That's not how drug works at all, so no. You can get addicted to nicotine however if you smoke blunts a lot. It astounds me how many people think blunts don't have nicotine... they do. Just so u know. So I recommend not smoking them too often. Plus tobacco has all the other obvious negatives that you already know.

    Nice nugs btw
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    Thanks to everyone who's responded and gave me some insight on the subject! I've only been dabbing since I don't want to hotbox my room up with a blunt at the moment and the pain relief of the pills plus the body high/relaxing feeling of the dabs pairs together pretty well! At the same time however, I can see how people get addicted to these so Im really going to have to see how I feel at the end of this bottle. And yes I know blunts have nicotine in them haha, my preferred blunt is a FAT Backwood ;)
    And here's a pic of a 7g nug cuz you guys liked the last ones so much [​IMG]


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