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Will I get a prescription?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by junebughunter, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I live in San Francisco. I've been a long time smoker.

    I usually avoid going to the doctor unless I need a prescription to get better...

    I have anxiety and some stress but no medical history of it.

    I also suffer from insomnia, I rarely get more than 4-6 hours of sleep a night.

    Marijuana helps me with both things and I'd honestly just like to be able use cannabis legally with a consistent source.

    Without a medical history though, is there any hope?
  2. your golden.
  3. is it really as easy as everyone says to get a license? im moving to san francisco in a year, and was planning on seeing a doctor for back pain and maybe some other things (also no medical history). what my question is, would it actually be as simple as just a couple of doctor visits for me to get accepted?
  4. To be honest, it is fairly simple. Though I hate to repeat myself over and over, I strongly suggest acquiring any medical records you can get. Just go to your personal doctor and tell him or her about your problems. Tell the doctor how cannabis has helped you. If your doctor won't give you a recommendation, then ask for any records they have of you on file. Then go on the CANORML website, find the list of "pot-friendly" doctors and bring those records along with a California ID.
  5. Why is it important to bring medical records? Can I just go to my personal doctor and ask for a record without having to mention why or is it better to explain myself? And what's the best way to bring up "how cannabis has helped me"?
  6. You need medical records for credibility. If there are no medical records to back you up, then if you happen to get into trouble and need to validate things in court. . .the court wants to see a valid diagnosis.
    Without a diagnosis, you and that doctor could get into trouble.
  7. Well, you can go to your doctor, or hell, even the nurses probably, and just ask for your medical records. I don't even think you need an appointment for that.

    As far as bringing up how cannabis helps you, this is your doctor. It's his or her job to make sure you stay healthy so just be open and honest. The doctor's not gonna be all like, "Oh no, we can't talk about that here!" Tell him or her what problems you're having, and that you've taken other types of medication but only cannabis has been the most beneficial to you (ex. some insomniacs have an aversion to pills, so they can't take sleeping pills - so cannabis helps them in that regard).
  8. Well I have a appointment next Tuesday.

    Ironically, a friend of mine got his last night and he told me his story.

    He said he went to the doctor with no medical history and simply stated "I need it to relax"

    That's all he was willing to say he needed it for. He didn't want a clam of having insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraines etc on his record.

    The doctor asked a few questions and gave him a recommendation.

    So all that went on record was that he has problems "relaxing"
  9. I heard that if you try to get perscribed for depression/anxiety they can just re-direct you to a therapist instead, is that true?

    Happen to know what the other "few questions" were?
  10. Any doc that gives a recommendation without reviewing prior med records risks losing their license, you will have no legal backup in court without them, and may still find yourself in jail.
  11. Yeah, if your friend gets caught by a strict LEO, he's gonna be screwed because then it's going to be up to the courts to decide if he's a legitimate patient. If they see the purpose for MMJ is to "relax," I don't even want to think of the repercussions not only your friend will face, but that doctor as well.

    Good luck with your appointment, and I hope you've taken our advice seriously.

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