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will i get a card with this? Please Read

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NewToToking, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. #1 NewToToking, Apr 23, 2010
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    well i have bells palsy for the longest time. my eye (left) twitchs when i talk using words that have a B or a P in it. my eye and the left side of my mouth twitches when i raise my eye brows. sometimes when i smile the left side of my neck has muscle spasms. or if i just try to flex it it it spasms. sometimes when i laugh alot my left side of my cheek muscles tighten up and i cant close my mouth which causes severe pain and immediately i have to massage my cheek or it just continues. when i make a kissy face. i cant move the left side of my mouth so it looks weird. and im afraid if i kiss a girl i will suck at it because of that. which gets me depressed because i think about my life alot and what will happen if im alone when i grow up. when i drink out of a straw i cant use my left side of my mouth. or if i do i have to tighten up all my face muscles so the drink just doesnt fall out. and it makes me sad and depressed because its hard to talk to people because some people talk sht. about me. and i always have to look away when i talk to people because i have a feeling they notice the twitch in my eye so i feel awkward. so i distance my self from alot of people being self cautious? or however its spelled. so im always alone by myself at school. at home my dad works 2 jobs so i only see him on the weekend and on the weekend he just watches football or basketball and i have to study for exams and homework.

    so wondering is this good enough to get me a medical card. cuz im going to get one on saturday and im goign to say something like this.
  2. Damn man, props to you for keeping your head up.

    idk about what qualifies for mmj just thought i'd post.

    (what does your dad have to do with it?)
  3. #3 NewToToking, Apr 23, 2010
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    well i have no one to talk to. i have friends but they are ok. i hardly know my dad so i just feel alone at my house and at school. i think way too much about my life which gets me depressed and i think about killing myself sometimes. i planned out alot of ways to die. one was jumping off the top of walmart cuz alot of people go there so i can make my life actually influence others. because i have that much time on my hands with nothing to think about. i just reciently moved in with my dad a year ago because my mom and sister moved to nevada to get with her first boyfriend and they are getting married in june this year or july.. so yeah im just by myself.

    but on my spare time i picked up beatboxing because when im by myself i know that i always think about how horrible my life is going and i will end up thinking about killing myself again. so when its real quiet or when im home alone i just make my own beats. just to keep myself from going insane. and i cant even share beatboxing with my friends because im afraid they will make fun of me cuz my eye twitches and my mouth hardly moves. i would say im pretty good at it been practicing everyday for a couple of years. thats how long ive been depressed. i try to talk to my mom but she doesnt know how to listen she just tells me to do this or do that. it sucks i have no one to talk to. also on my spare time i like to walk to the beach and think about my life even more. i live like 7 minute walk from the beach so its convient and sometimes i think about myself being lonely going to the beach by myself, looking at other couples seeing how happy they are just makes me depressed even more.
  4. Yes. Most certainly yes. I know a guy that got one issued to him for a year because of a minor sports injury. Your reason sounds a bit more legit.
  5. I am not sure about the card, I hope you get it.:)

    You may want to get a tv guide and scope out a good time to walk in to your Dad and say, "Dad do you have time for a chat?" Open up to him a little. He may feel uncomfortable about "bothering" you with a talk that he too may really want to have.

    I bet you will find that he loves you and is at least a little afraid that you blame him for the divorce, etc.
  6. I would really think thats a legitimate reason to get a card. Do you think it would relax you to reduce the involuntary muscle spasms?

    BTW, keep your chin up:hello: Mad props to openin up to us on here bout this. But life is way too much of a gift to waste. Also, what state's beach ya walkin?
  7. Hey man, hang in there.

    And depending on your state you could get a card for that easy man.
    I would beat the fuck out of someone if they made fun of something like that..
    Things will get better. And try to work on your being self conscious. I used to be REALLY self conscious so...just talk to people, get past your insecurities.
  8. I'm pretty damn sure they'll give you one...You're listed for quite a few things on there list. Just try to overexagerate with your doctor to get a note say like you have chronic pains or something.

    have you gone to the doctors enough to be verified(Ask him/her for a history sheet)
  9. #9 NewToToking, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    @ride so-cal beaches. @everyone else . thanks for your support. i really hope i do ive been suffering like this for like 4 or 5 years. whats weird is that my dad is a stoner too. but he doesnt know i know. i just think it will be too awkward to talk to him about it. he tried to catch me "doin somthing" on 420. he barged into my room after i got home and said hey what are you doing? i laughed. yeah he loves me i guess but hes a stranger to me. i cant open to him like i would to my mom. ive only known (of) him for like 2 years. well anyway thanks to everyone. i appreciate it.

    @cannabis smoker. the problem is i got diagnosed in 6th grade which was like 7 years ago? and my mom doesnt live anywhere close to me(i lived only with my mom at that age). i called her to get the copies but she doesnt remember what doctor. and she keeps asking me what for why. what doctor. email me his info. and stuff like that so i just said forget it if u cant find it then ill be fine. and this was just 5 minutes ago. i think ill be fine in getting a card but if not i wont have to pay the 150$ fee for the medical card. and i can always go to another one. i saw another one for 79$ but i dont know the 150$ one looks and sounds more professional. they called me up immediately. text me about my apointment and much more.
  10. If I where you I'd try to open up with your dad. Seeing how he does smoke and you never spend time with him...What's better then smoking a fat joint with your pops?
  11. yeah lol. this is exactly what my friends tell me all the time. i keep asking a friends of mine brother if he got any brownies yet. and he keeps telling me to make my own well in a funny way cuz he gets it from someone else. anyway my dad has the same personality as me. we are both too quiet. and it just gets awkward. anyway i actually like smoking by myself. sometimes my friends get annoying like they try to crack jokes when they are high and they just dont land even though im high. but it may also be because lately ive been smoking mecys because a friend of mine is dry. and this happend 2 weeks ago? so i decided fk im tired of asking people ima get my own medical card. and thats what im doing. hopefully it works out.
  12. Hell Ya! Go get your card. You'll get it! After you get your card, go to the dispensary that's closest to home, get some primo bud, go home, and ask your pops if he wants to partake. I know mine would!
  13. #13 NewToToking, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    lol a friend of mine told me this. i should get some weed and go home smoke it out of my bubbler. and if my dad comes in and says hey are you smoking weed (in an angry tone). ill say i have to(with a smile on my face). and pull out my medical card.

    i love how you guys are so extatic about it. at above poster "Hell Ya! Go get your card." im just so pumped up now. i cant wait in 2 days ill get it. YES! then i can get the sour DEEZEE. ive NEVER smoked any thing good. just weak meckys and like 4 hits of some chronic. my first time was great. went camping with some friends 9 of us to be exact and 3 of them were hardcore stoners. so they set up a gravity bong and i got the first hit of chronic. i didnt feel anything. everyone cept 2 people and me left to go hiking. and they said want to try it again. so we went in a 6 or so sided tent and got another hit and i said what am i suppose to feel like. and htey said dont worry you will feel it. then i started looking around in the tent and everything looked too far. i couldnt feel my face so i started touching it and my mouth was really dry. just that feeling with friends was amazing. anyway yeah its off topic but w.e.
  14. Facial twitching from something like Bells Palsy or a stroke, are the same things as muscle spasms. Under the list of qualifying conditions for the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, muscle spasms are specifically listed. You would qualify in Montana. :D
  15. You said you're in so cal so there is no doubt in my mind that you'll get your card. also, about you're beat boxing talent, harness that shit. if you are confident in your skills make some recordings of your work and submit it to studios and see if they can use any of your material. if someone feels they can use the beat, it'll be put on a track and it's uphill for you from there. (<-----kinda oversimplified, but that's just a quick summary) if it doesn't work out, oh well. you tried. anyway, keep your head up and most importantly, get that card. happy smoking :smoking:
  16. You will get a card for muscle spasms. Actually Bell's Palsy is fairly common, but most people get over it in a few weeks. I had it and I was extremely self conscious. I especially was afraid to smile even at my husband. I am sorry to hear you have it.

    You need to do something about that depression though. If you are planning out your death already you are in extreme stages of depression and should see a psychiatrist to get a decent antidepressant. Also if the psychiatrist doesn't do talk therapy, then see a psychologist and work out the issues you are having with death, your friends and your father. You could have a much higher quality of life if you are willing to work for it.

    I only know this because I have planned out my death like you have and it is a scary place to be at. I overdosed and ended up in a coma for two days. With the help of doctors who know what they're doing I am very stable now. Do yourself a favor and seek help. You don't want to be remembered as the woman who jumped off the roof of Walmart. Imagine a child who grows up with the memory of your death from a young age.

  17. all you really need is to say you have chronic back pain and that when u smoke weed it alleviate your pain :smoking:
  18. Hon, if you are in California, go for it! You will have NO trouble getting legal, unless you are under 18 (which you are not, since everyone here is 18 or older :rolleyes: ). Minors need to have a parent's consent. Cannabis is often used for the physical and vocal tics of Tourettes and is apparently quite effective for it! There are medical studies about Tourettes and cannabis in my list- linked in my sig below.

    Is there a chapter of NORML is your area? Volunteer! They will be sympathetic and really appreciate your help.

    The first girl I met with Bell's Palsy , was at a "love-in" in the 70s. She loved the hippie culture because they "saw her", not the tics. She never mention if it helped. I hope that you will find a place where you feel comfortable, like she did.

    And you are NOT alone! You got all your "cannabis cousins" here at GrassCity, 24/7! :smoking::smoke::gc_rocks: :bongin:

    Granny :wave:

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