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Will I ever build up a significant tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Newtoke, May 13, 2010.

  1. The only time I ever smoke is during the weekends. Even then its only once or twice. Assuming I continue this will i ever build up a tolerance? Obviously I hope not, but just wondering. Thanks :smoking:

  2. you will build one but if won't be significant. You got nothing to worry about really. Enjoy the low tolerance now haha but it will take awhile to build a real tolerance at your rate.

    Happy toking :wave:
  3. Definitely not a significant tolerance, if any at all.
  4. Trust me bro, tolerance is bad. i WISH i could get high like i used to, but alas tolerance has taken it away.
    But to answer your question, if you swed, you will become more tolerant
  5. ya you will build a tolerance... i only smoke on the weekends to.. once or twice every weekend.. but i smoke alot of dank each sesh.. it will be like 7 months till you think your ready for a month break than your back to zero.
  6. No way. I've been smoking daily for many months and still don't have to break.

  7. same. I was forced to take 9 days off last month but besides that everyday for about a year. I still had a little while before i was considering taking a month long t-break.

    you'll be fine, wouldn't worry about anything till you get there and that may be a damn long time.
  8. you never HAVE to take a break.. the high is just better last longer.
  9. Agreed, but to a weekend toker I don't think it'd be anything noticeable.
  10. Good haha :)

    I dont really know what any of the strains I buy are, im pretty postive its all shitty weed, regardless I still get what I consider pretty high. Although im sure im not even close to how high some of you guys get :). And in one of my sesh's i only smoke a bowl maybe 2.

  11. As long as your enjoying man :). I usually only rip a grav bong or 2 and im set for a couple hours. Been smoking everyday for a year. Not often i really cheif down a lot at once.

    Don't worry about strains i rarely get name strains, just no name dank for the most part. all about enjoying my friend :hello:

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