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will i be safe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jam.h, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. i smoked a week ago one time after not smoking for probably 2-3 weeks, and i have a blood test for drugs coming up in 2 weeks. i know there have probably been 1000 threads like this already but i need to also know if theres anything i can do (drink water?) to increase my chances of a negative test.
  2. drink a lot of water and exercise. easy as that. 2 weeks is enough time
  3. I don't see how exercising will do anything for a blood test. Sweating it out helps cheat a urinalysis. I think you're fucked for a blood test. How much did you smoke? Considering it was one time after 3 weeks of nothing, you might get by. You could pass this shit easy if it's a piss test, honestly. Blood tests... I just don't see a way to cheat those. I think they read for up to a month.
  4. THC is stored in fat cells thats how exercise would help. Drink lots of cranberry juice/water and work out as much as you can to burn off the old fat cells that the THC will be present in and you might pass it.

  5. Cannabis is detectable in the blood for approximately 2-3 days after use in an infrequent user. Frequent use can be detected in the blood for approximately 2 weeks.

    You'll be fine.
  6. Yeah u will def be alright, especially if you only smoked once.
  7. I dunno about working out for a blood test. Since THC is stored in the fat cells, working out burns off the fat resulting in the THC going into the blood. I'd atleast give working out a few days break before the test
  8. 2-3 weeks, please you will detox naturaly with the aid of extra water and calorie intake(speeds up metabolism) Also take a multi vitiman

    NO worries as long as you dont keep smoking
  9. ahh okay i feel a lot better now. Vicious, can you tell me where that info came from?

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