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Will I be ready to take test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bud420, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. My birthday is the 1st and I want to smoke some bud obviously there has been some loud around my neighborhood lately so I was gonna get some. The thing is Wrestling starts on the 4th of november and we ahve to take a physical. I was just wondering if it would be out of my system by then.

    Height: 5'3 weight 146 ( plan on getting down to 130 before then)

    I work out 4 times a week and run about 2miles a day

    Should I just drink a ton of water? or will I even have to with the given time frame?

    any other deatails just ask and I will tell you
  2. wont be in your system if you only smoke once

    you dont get piss tested in physicals
  3. Yeah we get piss tested cuz its a sports physical.. I actually smoke like 2 times a week usually So will that matter?
  4. Just drink a lot of water.. you'll be fine man.
  5. It's not like I am stressin about it. It's just I want to know if I should smoke or not. Smoking isn't that big of a deal
  6. Hahaha no no no. You dont get tested for drugs when they pee test you. It's for like blood/sugar levels and such. Trust me your fine.

  7. Have any sources on this? Because Wrestling is my life and I don't want to screw it up

    I have been taking them for the last couple years and we just pee in the cup then they put a stick in it hold it there and then check it
  8. I've gotten over 6 sports physicals, and not 1 made me piss in a cup
  9. well in all the sports physicals ive ever taken, we havent been piss tested but im not sure about your guys' policies. But usually, you have to sign a letter of consent for them to legally give you a drug test. you should look into it yourself and see if you can smoke or not
  10. If wrestling is your life and you don't want to screw it up, don't smoke weed. IF you drink lots of water you will be fine. If you take a piss test don't take it first thing in the morning, also piss in the toilet before you piss in the cup. If you are really really worried buy a drug test and test yourself before your real test.
  11. you have plenty of time, your talking like a month right. i run distance and ive passed a lab done drug test within like 48 hours of smoking 3 days in a row. but then a dank a ton of water and have very low body fat. if wrestling is your life you might be in the same boat.

    doesnt a nice bowl just hit the spot when you get back from a killer work out.... o man i love it. but then i smoke before the workout too...

  12. Nothing was better for me then to get home after the gym, smoke a couple bowls, shower, and sleep. :wave:

  13. Hell yeah man I smoke then go sit in a hot bath. Damn it is so relaxing

    lol theres no way I can ask my coach if they test for bud that would be kind of arkward lol

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