Will I be happy with the Life Saber Vaporizer

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    I have many good vaporizers already but my VAS has kicked in yet again and I felt the need to get a new vaporizer. I have the Extreme Q, The Arizer Solo, the Volcano, the Hammer, Magic Flight Launch Box, and the Puffit 2 vaporizers but I wanted something with a big hit through direct draw so I ordered a Life Saber Vaporizer because the Silver Surfer gives great hits but I am interested in a direct draw hand held vape more than another whip type deal. The Extreme Q is is a great vape and give huge hits in its own right but I think a direct draw one will be better.
    The thing is I also have heard great things about the Plenty vaporizer and it looks so cool in those Youtube videos reviews. I will end up buying the Plenty before too long but I am wondering if I fucked up big time in buying the Life Saber first when I could have bought the Plenty first.
  2. Absolutely. One guy on here swears by it. He was like a vape expert. Think his name was ingen. Has a polar bear as his avatar. Hated combustion vapes.

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  3. I think refering to either the Plenty or LSV as portables is a bit deceiving as neither is a true portable.

    I have owned a LSV. Good direct draw vape no doubt. But when i got my Evo and even original VXC the LSV became close to obsolete. With a standard mouthpiece the Evo is a beast on direct draw. The LSV and DBV and SilverSurfer all use the same heating element. It is tried and true but is simply old tech now IMO. A lot of advancements in heater tech over the last 10yrs and 7th Floor changed the package but not the heater. Again, good vape but there is better options now IMO

    The Underdog and E Nano are also other highly respected direct draw big hitters. I also love my Herbalizer, but for many it is too expensive.

    I like the Zion and Milaana currently myself. True beast instant convection portables. But there is currently a wait list (i was fortunate enough to get early beta units). You can order the Milaana now but be patient if you do, and i wouldn't pull the trigger if you aren't willing to wait. But the manufacturer is about to switch to wholesale only orders, and not sell direct to customers so this may be the last chance to order from him in a while.
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  4. I got a bunch of vape videos on youtube including HD reviews on the Milaana and Zion if you wish to check them out
  5. I got life saber today and I love it. It is a beast. The Plenty and the Milaana will be the next vapes I buy. The Life Saber and the Underdog give you the best tasting hits of the vapes I own, IMO.
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  6. I think you will really like the LSV especially with your vape experience...You can get some huge draws off the LSV and the taste is great with the nearly all glass vapor path...It also does really well with Vapor Bonging if you are into that too.
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  7. Hey man k remember you are from DC. I moved from there and want to know how everything is since they legalized.

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  8. Actually not from DC, I likely commented about it surrounding the legalization issue they had. I am from right outside of Philadelphia in NJ
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    its actually a lowercase L not an i LWIEN but lowercase
  10. Is that guy still on here or did he quit using the forums?
  11. I like the LSV very much but is it normal for them to get up to 175 to 190 after being used for about an hour? It gets so hot I have to hold it in a towel.

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