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Will I be good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SaintVicious, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. I pretty much have the house to myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays until like 6. Could I blaze in my room via glass pipe around 12ish and eliminate the odor before then? I have a fan, a dehumidifier, air freshener, and a shower at my disposal so...

  2. You might be able to but why risk it?
  3. How about not smoking in mommys house
  4. Smoke outside.
  5. yes you could do that, but be wary of the unknown like your mom coming home early. just sit by a window while you smoke and blow it out the window it wont eliminate that smell but if anything unexpected happens the smell is less likely to linger
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    If you are really set on the idea of smoking inside on comfortable furniture while watching TV or something like that, just make sure you are near open windows and then use air freshener and a fan and you will probably be fine.
    But again, if you just went outside then you run no risk of getting caught, you won't ruin your high if you start getting paranoid about smell in your room, and you also won't actually have to deal with trying to get rid of the smell. Smoking inside is nice, but only if it is in someone's house that is comfortable with weed. Honestly it's a bit disrespectful to smoke in the house of someone who forbids it (just the idea of putting any type smoke in someone's house).
    zonkedout also makes a good point about your parents/family/guardians possibly coming home early. You say "I pretty much have the house to myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays until like 6." By saying "pretty much," you imply that maybe this is not always. This is something to consider.
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    Yeah I guess I'll smoke in my backyard. How long would the smell linger? I won't be seen but I live on a corner house where a good number of pedestrians walk by and I'm not sure on what my neighbors' stance on buddha is.
    Either that or I'll just take a quick walk down to the woods.
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    They smell shouldn't stay there more than like 10 to 15 min.
    The woods are a great place to be stoned in my experience.
  9. You should be good in the house though. First 30 minutes might reak in the house but spraying and airing out the room or what ever will help eliminate the smell. The smell would be out before who ever got home at six.
  10. Man personally i'd bypass all the worry and paranoia and just go down to the woods or in your backyard. the smell won't travel more than 10ft away from you especially if there's wind. Smoking outside the smell dissipates so fast where as in a house it can stay for hours.
  11. Do u have hardwood or carpet flooring that makes a huge difference. Personally I can smoke a bowl in my room (keeping all smoke out the window as best as I can, holding the bowl outside the window then leaning my head forward to take a hit) and it won't smell at all. I think you should be fine man especially with all that time to air it out ya know

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  12. Lol I say why not you can open your window and blow out it
  13. Precisely.
    Seriously, are you 13 or something?  This should not be a problem....
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    Is there a garage? If so, you could smoke in there then open the garage door for a bit. Plus, if people walked by after the door was opened they wouldn't see anyone out smoking.
    After, put your pipe n shit in an airtight container.
  15. Hell yeah I promise youll be fine. If.your really sketched out though, buy some Ozium. You could smoke in your room and then spray it and someone could walk in literally like 10 min later and not be able to tell you smoked.

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