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Will I be good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CRIMSONxOMERTA, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Gonna burn in my room tonight with a sploof, incense, and two cracked windows. Will I be good smell wise? Thanks.
  2. It will still smell.

    If you want to keep the smell as Low as possible you should do it out the windo
  3. You'll probably be good. As long as your parents arent the kind of people to constantly poke their heads in your room and check up on you, it shouldnt smell outside the door if you lay a towel down or something. Oh, and close the vents in your room too, especially if you and your parents have rooms near eachother in the house.

    If I was as worried about my parents catching me I'd just go outside though, its not really worth the paranoia it'll probably create.

  4. Yeah sounds about right. I got one fan and one cracked window and I get by. Although the incense might be one step too far. Isn't it suspicious that you're lighting incense?

    Also stick to bowls when afraid of getting caught. Bongs, joints and blunts smell too much.

    Also make sure nobody enters your room for about 15 minutes after you've finished toking, and smoke as close to the window as possible.
  5. whats your method of smoking because if your smoking joint or a blunt then your fucked, but if you smoke out of a bowl and cover it you should be good just blow your hits through the sloof and out the window
  6. use a pipe, no papers or blunts.
    blow it right out the window dont risk it with the sploof by blowing it freely in your room

    and if the incense is strong you might just want to light it when your done smoking and then put it out 15 minutes later
  7. just go outside for fuck sakes...
  8. depends if the wind is blowing in or out, you could also pin up a sheet around the cracks of the door
  9. If you live at THEIR house and they don't want you smoking you could respect the fact that they are supporting you and not smoke at home. That'd be the adult thing to do.
  10. Sploofs just smell like a super dank load of laundry. Incense are good along as your parents to mistake it for "pot".
  11. as long as your not smoking a j or a blunt it should be aired out within a few hours

  12. I can attest to this. Never underestimate the powers of joints. Bongs are alright, the smell will clear overnight. But joints, hell naw. My room smelled like weed over night + half of the next day.
  13. Be a man and enter the wilderness that is outside your window. Since you're atleast 18 your parents should have no problem with you leaving your house for a night time walk. Go smoke then, and come back after they go to bed.

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