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Will I be able to ever smoke again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sinnfred7, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I've smoked about everyday for a couple years and recently took a break for a few weeks. When I returned to smoking I tried this stuff called blue cheese and it just felt like I was having trouble breathing. I tried it a couple other times and by the third time I told myself I couldn't anymore because it was getting worse and worse and I was convinced it was a bad strain(even though it was straight from a Colorado dispensary). About a week after that I made up some canibutter partially from that blue cheese and mostly from shake of rando stuff from my dealer buddy and made brownies for me and my gf who never got high before, although she's tried. I had the same problem but not as bad and eventually got over it and she freaked out but I think she just had too much for a first time. For the next couple weeks everytime I had coffee I got light headed(that might be a result of ingesting vs smoking so I didn't look took much into that aspect) a couple weeks later I smoked a oney of leftover shake and again couldn't breath. This time it was so bad I felt like I needed to go to the er. I was near hyperventilating when I got there and could barely get words out of my mouth. When they hooked me up to a mmachine my heart rate was around 150-165 and I had a red rash all over my chest which had never happened before. If it was allergy related I feel like the doctors would have known. At one point my heart rate hit 180+ and a ton of nurses ran in. Eventually I was fine and went home. I followed up with my doctor who convinced me it was a panic attack, even though I want the slightest bit anxious when it occurred but she gave me some adavant in the meantime. A couple days ago I tried to smoke again knowing that I wouldn't freak myself again and popped an adavant a half-hour before doing so. It was fine at first and about a half-hour after smoking I was playing guitar nreally just focusing on that and all of a sudden BOOM my heart started racing out of nowhere and I tried to calm myself by watching funny shows and focus on that but it didn't really help. I eventually was able to make myself fall asleep and woke up fine. I am just really concerned that I am never gunna be able to smoke again which would really suck because I enjoy it and am more creative for writing music with it. Should I just get use to not smoking because apparently I can't handle it anymore.
  2. Not really sure, but try taking it very slowly. Take a few hits (not even necessarily getting high) and see if it happens, and go from thereSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    how much are you smoking? I'm assuming you're trying to smoke like you did before you took a break.
    and if you were smoking everyday and getting high, that's usually a pretty decent amount of bud. 
    start slower, and with less bud. 
    or you could be one of those people where weed just ends up making your anxiety worse, but since you haven't had a problem before I'm also assuming this isn't the case either. Maybe it is just the strains your getting, try and find one high in CBD - CBD is known to be anti-anxiety.This should be an easy solution since you're in Colorado and have access to dispensary bud. Just ask any budtender if they have any high CBD strains.
  4. It definitely sounds like a panic attack. And if your heart beat was really 180 then that's a heart attack Lol.. Are you overweight.. It could be other health reasons. Or it could all be in your head. I think your just giving yourself symptoms. I'm over weight and have bad asthma bro. I think you should be fine. Best of luck bro. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. I am pretty healthy, never really had any health issues my entire life other than my appendix, I'm 5'11" 155lbs and workout regularly. I really only took one hit when I tried it the last time cuz I wanted to take it slow and didn't really feel high at all even and still all that happened. I even tried my brother's inhaler during the attack and nothing. I just wanna go back because I miss it for relaxing.
  6. Really can't be anything else other than a panic attack. I smoked for 2 years straight without a problem until suddenly I had a random massive panic attack and kept getting them after that. Now I just take it slow..

    180 is pretty fucking fast too.

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