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Will I be able to drive high after my T-Break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CCG465, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. I know it is dumb to drive high, but most of us do it anyway. Ive been about a year almost daily now, and I know i need a t break because its just not the same anymore. I can drive perfectly fine now because i can think somewhat straight after i toke, but has anyone come off a t break and not been able to drive well?
  2. Probably not. Not that I'd ever recommend it for anyone but after a t break you're going to get a lot higher. And if you're too fucked up to drive it should be obvious and u shouldn't have any desire too anyway. If u have to question it in the moment, you're too high.
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  3. You are the only person able to gauge your impairment level.
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  4. Or you could just be a responsible adult & not drive while under the influence...
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  5. @CCG465 why disagree with me??? there's no reason to drive under the influence of anything.. it's people like you who give Marijuana a bad name by insisting on driving high.
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  6. Do not drive under the influence period especially after a t-break where you will be much more intoxicated and affected by cannabis since your tolerance has been reset. Cannabis is tricky when it comes to testing for intoxication etc. If your involved in an accident with injuries or worse and you get tested and they find THC in your system you'll probably be charged with a felony and you will be going to jail my friend. Not trying to scare or anything but it's the sad truth. They are still working on a standard for testing for cannabis DUI protocol's and testing parameters and it may be a long while before they have that figured out. The problem is THC stays in your system for so long it's hard to determine the state of intoxication factor's when they charge someone with a crime.

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